iBooks 2 and iBooks Author

With Macworld | iWorld in the books, we turn our attention back to some products making news before the annual Mac event—iBooks 2 and iBooks Author. Apple introduced the two apps during last month’s education-centric press event, and we’ve since had the chance to review and rate both products. I’m joined by those reviewers—staff writer Lex Friedman and staff editor Serenity Caldwell—to go over their experiences with iBooks 2 and iBooks Author.

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Wrapping Up Macworld | iWorld

We close the books on this year’s Macworld | iWorld, with a 50-minute panel discussion about the revamped show. I’m joined by editorial director Jason Snell, senior editor Dan Frakes, senior associate editor Dan Moren, and staff editor Serenity Caldwell for this Macworld | iWorld wrap-up.

Our last look at the show includes a summary of interesting things we saw on the show floor, the atmosphere at this year’s event, and our thoughts on what we’d change for the 2013 edition.

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Developers and the App Store

Apple’s App Stores for iOS and Mac have made buying software painless and, for the most part, affordable, but they’re not without their downsides for developers and consumers alike. In this podcast, recorded on the floor at last week’s Macworld | iWorld, I’m joined by a pair of developers who know all too well the positives and pitfalls of developing for Apple’s storefronts: Rogue Amoeba CEO Paul Kafasis and App Cubby founder David Barnard.

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Less than perfect apps

Just because an app holds a special place in your heart, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t stand a few improvements. In this Macworld Live session, I’m joined by a panel of luminaries to discuss our favorite apps, their flaws, and how we would fix them. We also tackle why it’s hard for even the best apps to achieve perfection.

The panel includes Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, Black Pixel’s Dave Wiskus, Aged and Distilled’s Guy English, Macworld senior contributor Glenn Fleishman (also of Tidbits fame), and Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba.

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Mac 911 Live

In this special edition of the Macworld Podcast, recorded on the Macworld | iWorld show floor, I'm joined by our Mac 911 columnists, Christopher Breen and Ted Landau. Chris and Ted answer common Mac and iOS troubleshooting questions, including ones submitted live by our audience!

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Pundit Showdown Live

For the third consecutive year, the Macworld Pundit Showdown takes it act on the road, with a live performance at Macworld | iWorld. But with a panel featuring Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes, senior associate editor Dan Moren, staff editor Serenity Cadwell, and Tidbits senior editor Jeff Carlson, who wil reign supreme? You’ll just have to listen (or watch) to find out.

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The state of Apple

In this special edition of the Macworld Podcast, recorded on the Macworld | iWorld show floor, I'm joined by a pair of Mac luminaries—Daring Fireball's John Gruber and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko. Our topic: The State of Apple.

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