Reading Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs"

This week, Walter Isaacson’s book “Steve Jobs” arrived on iPads and Kindles and in bookstores worldwide. We’ve been reading it, and now it’s time to talk about it. So join us in our “Macworld Book Club” as I’m joined by Lex Friedman, Serenity Caldwell, and Dan Frakes to discuss our reactions to the book and what it tells us about the man.

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Spotlight on iOS 5

Having thoroughly analyzed the iPhone 4S, the Macworld Podcast turns its attention to Apple's other big mobile product unveiling for October—iOS 5. Senior associate editor Dan Moren wrote the super-sized review of this super-sized iOS update, and he's joined in this episode by editorial director Jason Snell and staff writer Lex Friedman to give you a detailed account of what to expect from iOS 5.

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Speaking of the iPhone 4S

We’re now free to talk openly about the iPhone 4S. Our own Jason Snell has had the iPhone for a week and has a lot to say about its performance, the improved camera, and Siri. Is the iPhone 4S for you? Listen and learn.

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iPhone event preview

As you’ve likely heard, Apple is holding an event next week that focuses on the iPhone. I’m joined by Macworld’s Jason Snell, Dan Frakes, and Dan Moren to discuss the implications and expectations of this event. During that discussion we touch on not only the iPhone but also iOS 5, iCloud, and all varieties of iPod.

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Windows 8, Apple, and the Future

Microsoft has finally unveiled its answer to the iPad, and it’s… Windows? At the company’s Build conference last week, it showed off Windows 8, the next version of its PC operating system and its next-generation tablet interface. So Microsoft’s answer to the iPad is also Microsoft’s answer to Lion?

Why do Apple and Microsoft view the world so differently? And are they headed in opposite directions? Joining me to discuss these matters is Harry McCracken, founder of the Technologizer blog, columnist for and Cnet, and former counterpart of mine at PCWorld.

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