Podcast: Good morning Glenn

In this episode we welcome our new host, Glenn Fleishman, whom you probably already know from everywhere. As Macworld's security expert, Glenn breaks down the newest potential creepy threat—malware embedded on the tiny computers inside our hard drives or even Lightning cables. (Don't sweat it just yet, though.) We also talk about Apple's solar farm project, discuss the latest push by Google Wallet, and how it could benefit Apple Pay—and bash Current-C again just because it's fun.

Show notes

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Welcome to Glenn Fleishman, new host of the Macworld Podcast

A podcast is a terrible thing to waste—especially one that’s reached 444 episodes and counting. So I’m thrilled to announce that after a one-week hiatus following the departure of our friend Chris Breen, the Macworld Podcast will be back this week with a new cohost. Please welcome Glenn Fleishman to the podcast chair!

glenn fleishman bio pic 2011

Glenn is no stranger to Macworld. His excellent column on privacy and security, Private I, has been coming to you every Wednesday since last October, and he’s been writing for the site for years on diverse topics like networking, backup, photo apps, cloud storage, and more.

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