Macworld Pundit Showdown XXIII: Colorful iPhones, more colorful Steve Ballmer

Philip Michaels Editor, Macworld Follow me on Google+

Philip has covered the Mac market since 1999, with a focus on the iPhone, iPad and iOS in recent years. In all that time, he has never tested a fart app.
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It’s a time of transition in technology: The iPhones now come in multiple colors. Steve Ballmer is on his way out at Microsoft. And Apple’s CEO is now firing off 140-character updates on Twitter. With all the upheaval, we had better roll out another edition of the Macworld Pundit Showdown to help you make sense of it all.

We’ve assembled another first rate panel to take on the issues of the day. Join Macworld senior editors Christopher Breen and Roman Loyola, TechHive senior editor Susie Ochs, and TechHive assistant editor Armando Rodriguez as they field questions about iPhones, Apple, and other events from a busy few months in the tech world.

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Introducing Frax, a compelling new iOS fractal app

Jackie Dove Senior Editor, Macworld

Jackie is always looking for creative mischief to get into. So it's fitting that she oversees photography, video, publishing, music, and Web design.
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iOS devices can do a lot of productive and entertaining things. But they can also present and manipulate data in beautiful ways. Such is the case with Frax, a new fractal generating application developed by Ben Weiss, Kai Krause, and Tom Beddard. In this episode of the podcast I speak with Ben and Tom about the motivation and development of this compelling new app for the iPhone and the iPad.

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