How to use Handoff with your iPhone and iPad

This week’s video is all about Handoff and how it works on devices running iOS 8.

Suppose that I’m working in Notes on my iPhone and after typing for a bit I realize that I’m going to need to do a lot more typing than I anticipated. Much as I love my iPhone, its keyboard is cramped. So I’d like to finish the note on a more appropriate device like my iPad, which has a larger keyboard. Well, if the two devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, I can.

All I have to do is leave Notes open on my iPhone and pick up my iPad. When I press its Home button I see a small icon of the Notes app in the bottom left corner. I swipe up on it, enter my passcode, and Notes launches. There’s the note I started. I then continue typing on the iPad.

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Rockin' the living room: Beats Music arrives on Apple TV


If you have the latest Apple TV and have configured it to accept updates automatically, you’ve seen a couple of new channels on its home screen. The one I want to talk about today is Beats Music.

Beats Music is a $10 a month streaming music service recently acquired by Apple that grants subscribers access to millions of tracks. I think it’s great—and a terrific addition to Apple TV. Let’s take a look around.

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How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS 8 to iOS 7

Update: The technique outlined here for reverting to iOS 7 no longer works as Apple has stopped signing versions of iOS prior to iOS 8.


As you’re more than aware, iOS 8 is out and it’s packed with a lot of great features. But suppose you’ve updated from iOS 7 to the latest version of iOS and aren’t entirely pleased with it. Perhaps you have an older iPad or iPhone and find it runs more slowly, or your favorite apps don’t behave well with it.

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Enable OS X's Enhanced Dictation for on-the-fly transcription

OS X’s built-in dictation feature works pretty well, but with a simple setting change, you can enable on-the-fly dictation, even when offline. In this week’s video, we show you how.


An underused feature of OS X is dictation. Instead of typing all your text, you can speak to your Mac and have it transcribe your words into the current document.

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