Macworld Video: Organize your iPhone photos with Image Capture

Serenity Caldwell Associate Editor, Macworld

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It’s easy to take silly photos or screenshots on your iPhone, but what happens if you want to get rid of them without having to manually select each one? I take a lot of screenshots on my iPhone for reviews and news articles, and using my Mac and the Image Capture app, it’s easy to delete the images I no longer want and instantly download the ones I do.

Plug in your iPhone and open Image Capture. The Image Capture app isn’t very flashy, but it loads your phone and its photos quickly, saving you from having to launch a slower program like iPhoto. First and foremost, the program lets you download recently-taken images: Just sort by Date taken and select the pictures you want; then click the Import button to download them to your computer. From there, you can upload them to Facebook, Twitter, email, your blog, or your favorite social media platform.

To delete images, select the photos you want, then press the red delete button. Just like that, they’ll vanish from your phone. You can also rotate your images by using the arrow button next to the delete button.

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Get more out of OS X's save-as-PDF feature

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One of OS X’s most-useful features is the capability to save any printable document, webpage, or file as a PDF. This week’s video shows you some nifty ways to get more out of this feature.


One of my favorite features of OS X is the built-in capability to save any printable document, webpage, or file as a PDF. You do this, confusingly enough, from within each app’s Print dialog box. Simply choose File > Print, click the PDF pop-up menu at the bottom of the Print dialog box, and then choose Save As PDF. You then navigate to the folder where you want to put the resulting PDF, and click Save. You get a PDF version of the document in that folder.

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