Set parental controls on your Mac

It's pretty easy these days to keep your kids out of anything nefarious on the Web or regulate their computer time: In fact, you don't even need an extra program for it—you can do it right from your Mac's System Preferences app. In this week's Macworld Video, we'll walk you through setting up an account with parental controls, and just what controls are available to you.

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Seven iPad keyboard tricks

As more and more of us use the iPad for regular business chores, we're spending more and more time with its virtual, onscreen keyboard. That keyboard works pretty well as it is, but there are some tricks that every iPad user should know about that makes iPad keyboard input more efficient.

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Set up Google Calendar, Contacts on your iPad

Even though iOS 5 introduced iCloud syncing for contacts and calendars, there are plenty of people who’ve already invested time and energy storing that info at another service, such as Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to set up those services to sync nicely with your iOS devices.

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Print from your iPhone or iPad with Printopia

Apple introduced AirPrint in iOS 4, but the feature—which allows you to print from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch—is limited to folks with AirPrint printers. Luckily, a small utility called Printopia makes it possible for your iOS device to print to any printer your Mac can see. And that’s only half of what Printopia can do.

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