Universal Access tips for everyone

One of OS X’s finest features is also one that most people never use—Universal Access. Designed with those with disabilities in mind, Universal Access offers features that can be helpful to anyone. In this video I point out some of its capabilities that can make working with your Mac easier and more enjoyable.

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Using Keychain Access

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that you’re not routinely nagged for a password when you use your Mac’s email client, nor do you have to enter passwords for many of the networks you use. And the reason is because those passwords are stored by the Mac OS in keychains—protected repositories for this kind of data.

In this video I show you how to use Keychain Access to recover passwords you can no longer recall. In addition, I demonstrate how to repair a corrupt keychain, which can lead to websites not opening as you expect and constant calls for you to enter email passwords.

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Spotlight on iKeyboard

Great as the iPad is, some people would prefer not to use its onscreen keyboard, particularly if they’ve got a lot of typing to do. Then again, carrying around a separate keyboard for your tablet can be a bit of a hassle.

Enter iKeyboard, which bills itself as an ideal travel companion for iPad-toting touch typists. I stop by the iKeyboard booth on my tour of the Macworld | iWorld show floor for a brief video demonstration.

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