Hands-on: Blue Microphones Raspberry provides portable cross-platform audio recording

As our mobile devices continue to evolve into the central hub of our digital lives, we want to expand on their capabilities by adding a keyboard, stylus, or other accessory. And if that accessory can be used with more than one device, so much the better. In that vein, Blue Microphones developed the Raspberry, a portable microphone designed for use with a computer and iOS devices.

Admittedly, I’m not an audio expert, but I’ve found the Raspberry a joy to use. It’s small, super portable, captures quality audio for podcasting, voiceovers, YouTube, and even music—and it looks downright cool.

A retro mic with modern features

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How to manage ZIP files on an iPad with PDF Expert

When setting up a new iOS device, there’s a certain cadence to the apps I install before anything else. Usually, the order goes something like: 1Password, Tweetbot, iA Writer, Outlook, Facebook, Slack, Dark Sky, Deliveries, and Facebook.

From there, I will go through the Purchased tab in the App Store or install apps as I need them. But there’s always one app I forget about, even as the need for it arises: PDF Expert ($10). Yet, it’s one of the more valuable apps for my iPad Pro workflow.

How can that be? Well, for starters, I rarely use it for what its namesake claims it’s designed for. In other words, I don’t need to edit, create, or work with many PDFs. If so, it’s rare and something that I use an app like SignNow for.

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5 iOS 10 features to boost your iPad productivity

This year’s big Worldwide Developer’s Conference reveal was no surprise—iOS 10—but after the announcement and feature preview, I was left feeling discouraged with the lack of iPad-specific features in Apple’s next mobile OS. The iPad barely getting any stage time during the event—outside of a lengthy demo of the Swift Playground app, it felt as if the iPad was all but forgotten in iOS 10. 

However, after using the iOS 10 beta for a few weeks, there are some features that I’ve found to increase my productivity when working on my iPad Pro. Not all hope is lost. 

Desktop and Document sync

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5 suggestions for the next Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil isn’t my most used iPad Pro accessory, but it is one of the more useful accessories I own in certain situations. For example, SketchParty TV gaming sessions have never been the same since the app updated with Apple Pencil support. Same goes for jotting quick notes in the Notes app; instead of viewing my horrible handwriting made worse by writing with my finger, I can now look at my horrible handwriting as if I wrote it with a pen.

That said, the $99 Apple Pencil isn’t perfect. Here’s five things I would change about version 1 of the Apple Pencil.

Lightning never strikes twice

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