Don't-Miss Productivity Stories

Favorite text-expansion tricks

Think you're using all the shortcuts your Mac has to offer? How about text-expansion? Dan Frakes and Kirk McElhearn share their favorite ways to use text-expansion utilities to save both typing and time.

Forget fancy formatting: Why plain text is best

Using editors and syncing services that work with plain-text formatting, David Sparks can write almost anywhere, using almost any device. Here's his plain-text workflow.

How to use LinkedIn's new job application feature

If you have empty fields in your LinkedIn profile, you might want to take some time to complete them. LinkedIn is rolling out a plug-in that lets jobseekers use their profile information to apply for positions.

How to archive your tweets

Twitter's a great way to keep up on what's happening. But what about what happened a while ago? Kirk McElhearn looks at a few of the ways you can search and archive your past Twitter-stream.

Google+ Privacy: Five settings you need to know

CIO's Kristin Burnham looks at five important Google+ privacy settings that let you manage who can email you directly, how you're notified of Google+ actions, how to disable the Google+ service, and more.

How to back up your Gmail

Are you one network outage away from losing all your email archives? Joe Kissell shows you how to minimize your chances of losing email by backing up the contents of your Gmail account.

Facebook Video Calling: Get started, adjust privacy settings

CIO shows how easy it is to get started with Facebook's new video calling feature and walks you through the privacy issues you'll need to consider about the service.

How and why to search Twitter

Need to monitor tweets about a major event? Want to know when customers are griping about you? Learn how to search Twitter and you can.

Facebook Privacy: How to block facial recognition

Facebook automatically opts you into its new facial recognition feature, which recognizes your face in photos and prompts your friends to tag you. Here's how to opt out of it.

Facebook tips: Hide recent activity, shorten status tags

Updates to Facebook let you hide your recent activity from your friends and provide an easier way to tag friends in a status update. CIO's Kristin Burnham has the details.

Getting more Twitter followers: Five do's and don'ts

Here are tips from author Don Zarrella on what people look for in a Twitter profile before following someone and how you can increase the chances they follow you back.

Gmail Tips: 10 features to try now

Hidden customization features that make your Gmail experience better.

Facebook Tip: Enable encryption to avoid privacy glitch

Some Facebook traffic this week took a misguided trip from AT&T servers through China and South Korea, exposing some user data. To protect yourself against such glitches, here's how to enable Facebook's HTTPS feature.