Don't-Miss Productivity Stories

How to create a Safari extension

If you know a little bit about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you're already well equipped to create a Safari extension. Since Apple's documentation can seem intimidating, here's a tutorial to walk you through creating your first extension, using any custom CSS or JavaScript code you write.

Scaling and cropping images on the cheap

If you need to scale or crop images to a specific size, you can do so with an application bundled with the Mac OS.

LinkedIn: Three ways to polish your profile for the New Year

Is your professional profile riddled with terms that made LinkedIn's list of overused buzzwords? Take time to remedy that and plug into some of the social networking site's new features.

Syncing multiple Google calendars to iPhone

Problem: You want to sync the Google calendars of all your loved ones with your iPhone. Solution: Google Sync. Here's how.

Share your holiday photos privately

Here are a few sites that let you share your holiday snapshots while retaining control over your privacy.

A less-expensive MobileMe subscription

While you're welcome to extend your MobileMe trial with Apple for $99 a year, you can do it less expensively via Amazon.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting MobileMe Calendar

Apple moved MobileMe Calendar out of beta last week, but after working with the software, Ted Landau thinks that might have been premature. He shares some tips from Apple before detailing his own experience with cloud-based calendaring.

Facebook quick tip: Three more ways to shore up security

CIO's Kristin Burnham is back with more tips on shoring up your Facebook security and staying safe on the social networking service.

Twitter Tips: Four ways to revisit your Twitter 'firsts'

Trying to recall your first tweet or who your initial followers were on the Twitter microblogging service? Here are four free sites for Twitter nostalgics and sleuths.

Facebook Quick Tip: Control apps access to your data

Facebook launched a new feature this week that gives you a detailed overview of the data permissions that you've granted to apps. Here's how to find the new dashboard and adjust your settings.

Six Facebook, Twitter mistakes that can get you fired

What are some of the red flag behaviors an employer might look for in their employees' online profiles? CSO's Joan Goodchild lists six mistakes users make on sites like Facebook and Twitter that could lead to unemployment.

Master your RSS feeds

Overwhelmed by information? Using Yahoo’s Pipes you can create your own custom RSS feeds that filter information from other RSS feeds, Web sites, and more. Glenn Fleishman shows you how.

Secrets to using Facebook to market your business

Can your business ignore Facebook? Only if you want to ignore the half a billion people who use it. Here's how get started marketing your business through the ubiquitous social networking site.