Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Automator workflow of the month: Convert PowerPoint to Keynote

Seeking a way to easily open and save PowerPoint presentations in Keynote? This month's Automator workflow shows you how.

SpamSieve no longer sieves with Outlook SP2

If you installed the Microsoft Office 2011 SP2 update before it was pulled, SpamSieve likely no longer works with Outlook. Here's the fix.

Undoing the damage wrought by Microsoft's Outlook update

A recent Microsoft Office 2011 update has made it impossible for some Outlook users to use Microsoft's email client. Chris Breen relates the fix.

Bugs & Fixes: Opening (very) old AppleWorks and Word documents

Have old Microsoft Word or AppleWorks spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, or draw documents that won't open under Lion? Ted Landau offers some advice.

How to adjust Lion's Recent Items menu list

Recent Items is a great way to quickly open what you want. Here’s how to customize the setting in Lion.

Mountain Lion, Rosetta, and breath holding

Is there any hope for Quicken 2007 users who plan to move to Mountain Lion? Yes, but not in the form of a Rosetta return.

Syncing iCloud with Windows Outlook

Apple has taken pains to allow iOS users who also own Windows PCs to sync data with Outlook for Windows. Chris Breen explains how.

Why I use Scrivener for business writing

Scrivener was designed for writing fiction. But it turns out to be a great tool for business writing, too. David Sparks explains.

Bugs & Fixes: True sync of iWork docs between Macs and iCloud

Ted Landau offers a clever workaround for syncing iWork documents created on Macs with iCloud.

Bugs & Fixes: Losing iWork documents in iCloud

Using iCloud to sync your iWork documents across all your devices generally works well when syncing among iOS devices. Syncing to and from Macs is another story, as Ted Landau details.

How to annotate PDFs

You don't need to buy an expensive program to add comments or notes to a PDF. Here's how to use Apple's built-in application, Preview, to do it all.

How to convert PDFs to Word (and other formats)

While the PDF file format is a great tool for sharing documents, sometimes you need to use the text. Here are two ways to get text out of a PDF and into your word processor.

Easier ways to read files on the go

Want to read your own documents on the iPad or iPhone? Convert them to the ePub format and you can view them (complete with formatting and links) in the iBooks app.