Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Automator workflow of the month: Automatically email a weekly schedule

Whether you need to organize a carpool or a department, using Automator you can easily create a summary of a weekly schedule and send it out to those who need to keep track of events.

Forget fancy formatting: Why plain text is best

Using editors and syncing services that work with plain-text formatting, David Sparks can write almost anywhere, using almost any device. Here's his plain-text workflow.

Five favorite text-selection tips

Learn how to go beyond a mere drag or double-click with these more advanced techniques for text selection.

Five fundamental text-selection tips

Some few of us are perfect writers and typists. The rest of us have to go back and select text to change it. And we do it a lot. A few tricks for making text selection a easier can save loads of time. Here are five you should know.

Exporting email addresses from Address Book

With the help of the right tool you can selectively export data from Address Book contacts.

Last call for AppleWorks users

If you're still using AppleWorks (or know someone who is), it's time for an intervention. Here's how to convert your files to a more forward-looking form.

Bugs & Fixes: Microsoft, Adobe issue new security bulletins

Ted Landau wonders whether the stream of security bulletins is making us more anxious about exploits than is justified by the level of risk.

Apple offers iWork importing details for iOS devices

In addition to updating its mobile iWork offerings to work on the iPhone and iPod touch, Apple also posted new and revised support documents for Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, with much of the support information focusing on converting a Mac iWork document to an iOS-supported version.

How to edit spreadsheets on an iPad

It's a cinch to view spreadsheets on your iPad, but when you want to create or edit them, things get a bit more complicated. Joe Kissell sums up what you need to know.

Five hidden tools and tricks for Google Calendar

Learn more about this free calendar's powers--from helpful keyboard shortcuts to updating events via SMS--with these tips.

Pull Excel data into Word 2011 docs

You have an Excel 2011 spreadsheet compiling sales data and a sales report that you're writing in Word 2011: How do you get the Excel numbers into your report? Here's a simple Visual Basic macro that will do the job.

Office update struggles with calendar syncing

Microsoft is adding support for calendar syncing via an update that is already incompatible with Apple’s latest MobileMe software. Whoops.

How to make your office paperless

Are you drowning in paper? Do you ever wish you could find important documents more easily? Joe Kissell shows how to make the paperless office a reality with these tips and some helpful, downloadable scripts.