Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

How to make Gmail work well with Mail

Apple's Mail and Gmail don't get along very well, as anyone who has tried to use the latter with the former knows. They each take very different approaches to managing e-mail, but with a little configuring and planning, you can work out the kinks.

Mail merge and Office 2011

How to create mail merge documents with Office 2011.

Transfer Word custom keyboard shortcuts

You've created a load of custom keyboard shortcuts for Word 2011 and would like to transfer them to another Mac running Word. Here's how.

Export Outlook calendar events to iCal

In which your humble author smacks his head against the desk in reaction to Outlook 2011's non-existent event syncing support (yet still provides a way to export events to iCal).

Google Docs secrets: 20 power tips

We’ve taken an extended look under the hood of Google Docs and uncovered 20 tips for getting more done by exploring some of the less obvious features in its word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software—with a few hints for Gmail, too.

Archiving e-mail messages as text files

A reader seeks a way to easily move portions of e-mail messages into a word processing documents. Here are a variety of solutions for your consideration.

How to switch to Google Calendar

Do you want to share your calendar with others and sync your calendars across all your Macs and iOS devices—without paying for Apple's MobileMe? You can with Google Calendar. Lex Friedman shows you how to make the switch from iCal.

How to create labels with Pages

Pages doesn’t ship with any built-in label templates, but it’s actually easy to create and use standard labels with the program if you know a few tricks.

Three must-see Excel 2011 tricks

Gearing up for a new year creating superb spreadsheets? Rob Griffiths homes in one the three tricks you must know to get the most out of Microsoft 2011.

Find special characters in Pages

Sometimes, you want to find special characters like Tabs and Returns, but the program won't let you enter those characters directly in search forms. One OS X Hints reader found a way.

Create local hyperlinks in Numbers

One thing that Excel can do that Numbers can't: Insert hyperlinks from spreadsheets to local files. But one Hints reader found a work-around.

The iPad at work: Taking notes

Looking for a better way to take notes? Kirk McElhearn rounds up some of the worthiest note-taking iPad apps.

View Pages files in Windows

Sometimes you're forced to send Pages (or other iWork) files to Windows-using colleagues. Here's how they can view those files on their PCs.