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More ways to move data to a new Mac

OS X's Migration Assistant can help you transfer data from one computer or hard drive to another, but it's not the only means by any means. Here's how to migrate data using a cloned drive, Time Machine, and third-party applications.

Move data from an old Mac to a new Mac

How do you get everything off of your old Mac and onto a shiny new one? OS X's Migration Assistant can help.

How to make Lion's iCal less annoying

Running into trouble using the Lion version of iCal? You're not alone. Here are answers to common problems.

Secrets of Lion’s Spotlight menu

Looking for something? Lion's handy Spotlight menu offers new ways to work with your search results.

Favorite text-expansion tricks

Think you're using all the shortcuts your Mac has to offer? How about text-expansion? Dan Frakes and Kirk McElhearn share their favorite ways to use text-expansion utilities to save both typing and time.

When a cloud service vanishes: How to protect your data

More and more, we rely on Web services as a matter of course. The key word is rely: We assume that the data we upload to, say, a photo-hosting account or blog will be there. But what happens when a service is shut down?

Tame Lion’s Mail

Joe Kissell shares tips, tricks, and less-than-obvious new features for Apple’s email program.

How to encrypt an external hard drive in Lion

FileVault 2 not onlyencrypts your Mac’s internal drive, but it can also encrypt external drives. Interested in securing your data? We’ll take you through the steps here.

Five favorite text-selection tips

Learn how to go beyond a mere drag or double-click with these more advanced techniques for text selection.

Five fundamental text-selection tips

Some few of us are perfect writers and typists. The rest of us have to go back and select text to change it. And we do it a lot. A few tricks for making text selection a easier can save loads of time. Here are five you should know.

How to use LinkedIn's new job application feature

If you have empty fields in your LinkedIn profile, you might want to take some time to complete them. LinkedIn is rolling out a plug-in that lets jobseekers use their profile information to apply for positions.

Automator workflow of the month: Extract essential email data

Lion's Automator allows you to easily extract data-detector information--email addresses and URLs, for example--from compatible files. Here's a simple workflow for pulling email addresses from Mail messages and placing them in a new TextEdit document.

Use Lion's FileVault 2 to encrypt your Mac's internal drive

Apple latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.7 Lion includes FileVault 2, the latest version of Apple’s method of file encryption. In this how-to, we'll go through the steps on activating FileVault 2 for your Mac's internal startup drive.