Don't-Miss Business Stories

Keep your Mac safe while traveling

Getting ready for the holiday weekend? Whether you're on a cruise ship or at a coffee shop, public Wi-Fi networks can leave your Mac's data vulnerable. Lex Friedman offers a few tips for keeping your data safe.

Automator workflow of the month: Move files from subfolders

If you've managed to bury files deep within your Mac's folder structure, this Automator workflow can help. Use it to easily move a group of files out of subfolders.

Keep your iPad safe

Security is vital if you're going to use an iPad a business device. Rich Mogull shares how to protect both your tablet and its data.

How and why to search Twitter

Need to monitor tweets about a major event? Want to know when customers are griping about you? Learn how to search Twitter and you can.

Mac troubleshooting FAQ: slow-downs and passwords

If your Mac is sluggish, if the spinning rainbow cursor appears more often than you'd like, or if you're forever being locked out of your accounts, here's what you need to do.

Mac troubleshooting FAQ: start-up woes

Without a doubt, the issues that cause the greatest consternation to Mac users are those that keep the computer from starting up or, if the computer deigns to boot, that prevent the Mac from operating as it should. Here are answers to common problems.

Mac troubleshooting FAQ: iCal and Mail

Address Book, iCal, and Mail are super-handy. But they're not always fool-proof. Chris Breen answers the most common troubleshooting questions about these three apps.

Four ways to make the Dock more powerful

Are you taking advantage of all the Dock can do? Kirk McElhearn reveals four ways to use it to quickly access files and folders.

How to use your iPad securely

Security is vital if you're going to use an iPad a business device. Rich Mogull has some advice on how to keep the tablet and its data safe.

iPad Power: How to print

If you're going to use the iPad as a real work tool, you'll want to print. There are a couple of ways to do it; Joe Kissell has the low-down on their pros and cons.

How to force your Mac to update its malware definitions

Apple's already released a new update to its recently-changed malware definitions file. Here's how to force your Mac to grab the latest update from Apple.

Sharing a hotel Internet connection

Chris Breen brings a little clarity to the subject of sharing a wired connection with an iOS device.

Automator workflow of the month: Create to-do items anywhere

Need help remembering all those things you're supposed to do? This one line Automator workflow will let you create iCal to-do items from within any application.