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Automator workflow of the month: From PDF to iBooks

Want an easy way to read your PDFs on your iPhone or iPad? Here's how to use Automator to add PDF files to iBooks from within Preview.

Google Docs secrets: 20 power tips

We’ve taken an extended look under the hood of Google Docs and uncovered 20 tips for getting more done by exploring some of the less obvious features in its word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software—with a few hints for Gmail, too.

How to back up using MobileMe's Backup utility

Time Machine is what most Mac users think of when it comes to Mac backup. Apple actually has another backup application called Backup that's available to MobileMe users. It's a good idea to have another backup method besides Time Machine, and if you have available iDisk space, MobileMe's Backup is an easy way to achieve backup redundancy.

My backup plan: Lex Friedman

We’ve covered the basics of how to keep your Mac backed up, and Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes has written about his own setup for backing up. Here’s the setup for Macworld contributor Lex Friedman.

Five iPad safety tips for enterprise users

Don't deploy iPads in the enterprise without considering these security measures.

How to switch to Google Calendar

Do you want to share your calendar with others and sync your calendars across all your Macs and iOS devices—without paying for Apple's MobileMe? You can with Google Calendar. Lex Friedman shows you how to make the switch from iCal.

Mac IT Guy: replacing an Xserve

Now that Apple has discontinued the Xserve product line, what's the best upgrade path. Plus: What to do if you forgot to mirror your server's drives.

How to create labels with Pages

Pages doesn’t ship with any built-in label templates, but it’s actually easy to create and use standard labels with the program if you know a few tricks.

How to create a Safari extension

If you know a little bit about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you're already well equipped to create a Safari extension. Since Apple's documentation can seem intimidating, here's a tutorial to walk you through creating your first extension, using any custom CSS or JavaScript code you write.

Five simple ways to speed up your home network

Squeezing the most out performance out of your network is called optimizing, and it isn't very hard, and it doesn't have to be all that expensive.

Five great Gmail timesavers

Here are five useful Gmail tips, including how to access multiple accounts in one browser, schedule time zone changes, and opt out of annoying e-mail conversation threads.

Mac IT Guy: Access Exchange from home

This week, readers have questions about fully integrating Macs into an Active Directory environment and troubleshooting Exchange e-mail connections from home.

Automator workflow of the month: Automate folder backup

Here's how to create a simple Automator workflow that backs up a folder full of data at regular intervals.