Don't-Miss Business Stories

How to set up a treadmill desk

Sweating your new year's resolutions already? It is possible to get more exercise and get your work done. Lex Friedman shows how to set up a treadmill desk.

Three must-see Excel 2011 tricks

Gearing up for a new year creating superb spreadsheets? Rob Griffiths homes in one the three tricks you must know to get the most out of Microsoft 2011.

LinkedIn: Three ways to polish your profile for the New Year

Is your professional profile riddled with terms that made LinkedIn's list of overused buzzwords? Take time to remedy that and plug into some of the social networking site's new features.

Automator workflow of the month: More flexible iPhoto e-mail

Looking for a better way to send out those holiday photo e-mails? Our Automator Workflow of the Month gives you more control over image size when you send e-mails from iPhoto '11.

Create local hyperlinks in Numbers

One thing that Excel can do that Numbers can't: Insert hyperlinks from spreadsheets to local files. But one Hints reader found a work-around.

Mac IT Guy: Old parts, remote connections

This week, two questions, one about where to find replacement parts for an old Mac Pro, the other about connecting to remote Macs over a network.

The iPad at work: Taking notes

Looking for a better way to take notes? Kirk McElhearn rounds up some of the worthiest note-taking iPad apps.

View Pages files in Windows

Sometimes you're forced to send Pages (or other iWork) files to Windows-using colleagues. Here's how they can view those files on their PCs.

Macintosh buying guide 2010

Shopping for a new Mac? Here's the lowdown on Apple's offerings to help you decide which Mac to buy.

AirPrint works as far as it goes

The eagerly anticipated AirPrint is not the feature originally promised, the one everyone was hoping would provide seamless, network-based mobile printing. But if you do have a compatible printer, it works as advertised.

Mastering printing in QuarkXPress

Printing from QuarkXPress can be a challenge. Quark Xpert Jay Nelson gives us the down-and-dirty overview of what you need to know—and what you can ignore—in Quark's print dialog.

Expert printing tips for Excel 2011

Excel's print function is quite powerful, but you have to do a bit of digging to take full advantage of its capabilities. Here are just a few of the options open to you when you print with Excel.

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