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The case for affordable adapters

You're taking your new MacBook Pro to a presentation. Which Mini DisplayPort adapter cable should you bring?

Use Automator to simplify printing tasks

Mac OS X Hints whiz Craig Arko walks us through the creation of two Automator actions designed to streamline the printing process.

Outlook 2011 tips that owe a debt to Entourage

Just made the switch to Outlook 2011? Take this chance to rediscover useful Entourage tools that made the cut.

Outlook 2011 keyboard shortcut cheat sheet

Many common keyboard shortcuts changed between Entourage 2008 and Outlook 2011. Help your fingers learn new habits with this cheat sheet.

Make a smooth switch to Outlook 2011

Switching to Microsoft's new e-mail, contacts, and calendar program need not be traumatic, but it’s different enough that you may be disoriented at first. These tips will get you started.

Peruse your printing options in Microsoft Word 2011

The printer dialog for Microsoft Word is not always intuitive. Jeff Battersby helps us work our way through the Microsoft Word 2011 print dialog box.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting MobileMe Calendar

Apple moved MobileMe Calendar out of beta last week, but after working with the software, Ted Landau thinks that might have been premature. He shares some tips from Apple before detailing his own experience with cloud-based calendaring.

Five fantastic Address Book tips

When you think of Apple’s most intriguing applications, it’s unlikely Address Book springs to mind. But thanks to its close ties to Apple’s Mail and iCal as well as your iOS devices, it’s actually one of the applications you use the most. These tips will help you be more productive.

Automatically shut off Airport

When you connect an Ethernet cable to your Mac, do you still need Airport? If not, these scripts will turn it off automatically.

Getting the most out of InDesign printing

Printing from pro apps doesn't have to be mysterious. Jay Nelson walks us through the ins and outs of the InDesign CS5 print panel.

Smart ways to work with smart folders

Learn how to use OS X's smart folders to save time finding, tracking, and organizing files and folders.

Network printing demystified

The days when sharing a printer over a network required strange voodoo rituals are largely over, but today's heterogeneous configurations that include Windows, OS X and mobile devices pose a challenge of their own.

Six Facebook, Twitter mistakes that can get you fired

What are some of the red flag behaviors an employer might look for in their employees' online profiles? CSO's Joan Goodchild lists six mistakes users make on sites like Facebook and Twitter that could lead to unemployment.