Don't-Miss Business Stories

Fix iPhone Outlook calendar problems

Why is it so hard to make Outlook calendars and contacts sync with an iPhone?'s Bill Snyder finds a workaround using Google Calendar and shares his tips.

Master your RSS feeds

Overwhelmed by information? Using Yahoo’s Pipes you can create your own custom RSS feeds that filter information from other RSS feeds, Web sites, and more. Glenn Fleishman shows you how.

Five awesome Automator tips

Think Apple’s built-in automation tool, Automator, is more trouble than it's worth? Think again. Not only can Automator perform wondrous feats, but with these tips it's also easy to make it happen.

Add contact info to iPhone lock screen

Worried about losing your iPhone? One Hints reader figured out a way to his contact information to his phone's lock screen.

Secrets to using Facebook to market your business

Can your business ignore Facebook? Only if you want to ignore the half a billion people who use it. Here's how get started marketing your business through the ubiquitous social networking site.

Managing and securing iOS 4 devices at work

As more iPhones go to work, IT shops have more options to handle them. Computerworld's Ryan Faas takes an in-depth look at those options.

Bugs & Fixes: Recovering lost contacts

Syncing your calendar and contact data across your Mac and iOS devices using MobileMe can come in handy, but not when your contacts disappear. Ted Landau looks at potential options for getting those contacts back where they belong.

Get 25 great Safari extensions

We've scoured the Web and tested innumerable Safari extensions. Here are some of the most useful.

How to get rid of Web browser cookies

When random sites started displaying his Facebook profile picture and welcoming him by name, Kirk McElhearn decided it was time to do something about his Web browser cookies. Here's why you might want to delete cookies and what to expect if you do.

Essential Mail shortcuts

Wish Apple's Mail could do something? There might already be a feature for that. Learn how to take advantage of Mail's not so obvious abilities to efficiently e-mail a group, view multiple mailboxes at the same time, and more.

Twitter tips: 5 ways to find relevant people to follow

Cutting through Twitter's noise can be tricky, so check out these five tools to help you build a more meaningful following.

Six background window tricks

Drop files from a background window into a document, move a background window so you can see it better, scroll through a window's contents, and more—all without losing your focus in the window or document you're working in. Here's how.

OWC provides a closer look at iMac's SSD slot

OWC took apart a new 27-inch iMac to see what the SSD bracket is all about.