Don't-Miss Business Stories

Develop your Finder search savvy

Do you know the difference between Command-F and Command-Shift-F? How you start a Finder search affects what options you see. Learn the differences, and start your searches off on the right foot every time.

Record voice memos on the iPod, iPhone

Using and iPhone or most iPods, you can record voice memos on the go.

More ways to convert .docx files to .doc

A couple of months ago, we told you how to convert .docx files to .doc format without Microsoft Word. Hints readers remind us of a few more ways to do the same thing.

Five things to do before leaving for vacation

Heading out of town? Take care of a few critical tasks--from backing up your data to setting up remote access--and you can leave your desk behind without a second glance.

Five underappreciated iCal tricks

Do you still treat iCal as if it were a paper calendar, using it to jot down appointments and little more? Apple's calendar program can do much more. Here's how to use it to automate, communicate, and remind.

Bugs & Fixes: Router's network password can slow Wi-Fi speed

Is the speed of your 802.11n Wi-Fi network unexpectedly slow? If you are getting a strong signal and everything else seems to be working fine, your type of password may be the reason behind the slow down. Ted Landau explains.

How to choose a printer

While the paperless revolution is upon us, sometimes you still need to get a document off your computer and onto paper. In six easy steps, we'll show all you'll need to know to go about selecting the right printer to fit your needs.

Speed up your wireless network

Macworld contributor Glenn Fleishman dishes on how to diagnose issues with your Wi-Fi network and resolve them.

Move files between your iPad and Mac

Exchanging files with the iPad requires a bit of work. Kirk McElhearn shows how to minimize the hassle, especially when you're copying iWork files.

Seven more Dictionary tips

Dan Frakes' recent article, Five Dictionary tricks, covered how to use the Dictionary without launching it. But working inside this application offers unique advantages too. These tips will show you how to do even more with this OS X tool.

Printing from your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Printing from your iPhone, iPod touch, and now your iPad shouldn't be difficult, but it is. Fortunately, third-party apps are here to help. Jeff Merron walks you through what you can and can't do with some of these App Store offerings.

Google Apps fundamentals

The Google Apps add features all the time. But can they replace Microsoft Office yet? Here are some issues to consider before you decide.

Eleven ways to get back to a Web page

It’s easy to get back to a Web page that you’ve bookmarked—but what about the ones you breeze through without saving and then later wish you had? Safari 4 can help you find them again.