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Technology tax deduction tips

Knowing how, when, and when not to deduct your technology expenses is key to minimizing your taxes while avoiding inquisitive IRS auditors.

Use Google to convert Office doc to PDF

Need to create a PDF of a Microsoft Office file, but don't have the right version of Office? Use Google Docs to convert it.

Eight ways to save time with proxy icons

The tiny icon that sits next to a window’s name in its title bar is more than just a decoration. This icon—known as the proxy icon—offers numerous shortcuts for working with files, folders, and documents. Here are some of Sharon Zardetto's favorite time-saving tricks.

Dropbox: Beyond the basics

Dropbox, the free file-syncing service, is a great way to make sure that the copies of your to-do list and resume are the same on all your Macs. But that's just the beginning of what Dropbox can do. Dan Miller explains.

Using Google's digital switchboard

Sign up for Google Voice and you get a new phone number that works as a virtual switchboard for all your incoming calls from all your various phone lines. Making and receiving calls with Google Voice is easy, but setting up the service requires a bit of finesse. Here's how.

Living with Windows: security

When you use a Mac, you don't have to worry too much about malware. But when you put a Mac on a network with Windows PCs (or when you run Windows on a Mac), you have to give security some thought. Rich Mogull tells you what you do and don't have to worry about.

Living with Windows: sharing drives

You've got Macs and Windows PCs on the same network, and you'd like them to share a hard drive for backup or file-storage: John Rizzo shows you three ways to do it.

Living with Windows: sharing screens

Remotely controlling another system can be handy for troubleshooting, looking up documents, or running apps you can't run on your own computer. But getting that to work between Macs and Windows PCs takes tinkering.

Living with Windows: sharing files

If you have Macs and Windows PCs on the same network, you might want to share files between them. Here's how to set that up.

Buying a printer: Tips and advice

To help you make the proper decision, we've put together a set of printer buying guides. These guides will help you be better informed when you're shopping.

Printer Buying Guide: Shopping tips

If you're about to go shopping for a printer, whether in person or online, keep the following tips in mind.

Printer Buying Guide: Features you need to know

Ready to buy a printer? These are the specs you need to understand to make an informed choice.

Bugs & Fixes: When Entourage quotes more than requested

Ted Landau tries to get to the bottom of an Entourage 2008 bug in which the entire text of an e-mail message appears in a reply instead of just the portion of the message highlighted.