Don't-Miss Business Stories

Stand while you work

Studies say sitting all day is bad for your body, but how practical would it really be to ditch your desk chair? One writer shares his experience switching to a standing workstation.

Six tips for using the Dock efficiently

Are you taking advantage of all the ways the Dock can make your work easier? Here are some tips for using the Dock efficiently -- whether you're quickly accessing files, folders and applications or turning on and off your tunes.

Five tips for customizing the Dock

Don't like something about the Dock? Chances are, you can change it. Kirk McElhearn shares five ways you can customize the Dock’s appearance.

Font tips: Printing type samples

If you have to choose and compare fonts, the best way is to print a type specimen book. Here are some resources you can use for the best results.

Protect data with encrypted hard drives

If you want to encrypt the contents of an external hard drive to protect its data in case of loss or theft, you’ve got a lot of options.

InDesign: Resize image, frame at same time

An easy way to resize images and their frames in InDesign.

Unclutter your hard drive

Old, unneeded files do more than just waste space. They can also slow down searches, backups, and other basic chores; sometimes, they cause crashes. Joe Kissell explains how to clean out the cruft.

Get quick access to recently used items

OS X offers many tools that help you access things you use day in and day out, but there are also a number of ways you can quickly access items you’ve used only recently.

Migrate a Time Machine backup

Moving to a bigger backup disk can mean losing all your existing Time Machine backups. Joe Kissell shows you how to keep what you've got while upping your space.

InDesign tip: tinting grayscale photos

Sure, you can tint photos in Photoshop. But with InDesign you have the freedom to tint, adjust, and retint as often as you like, with only one linked image file to manage.

How to protect your reputation online

With Google real-time search and sites like Facebook and Twitter continuing to grow, it's more necessary than ever to monitor your online reputation.

Five System Preferences tweaks everyone should know

Do you know how to display the date in your menu bar or how to reorder your Spotlight results? Kirk McElhearn shows you these fundamental System Preferences tweaks and more.

LinkedIn Tip: Monitoring who's viewed your profile

Here's advice on how and why to keep an eye on who is checking out your LinkedIn profile.