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Drowning in tweets? You don't have to unfollow a slew of people just to restore sanity. Instead, turn to plentiful apps, options, and tools to manage Twitter with grace.

Five keyboard shortcuts you should set up now

Why are you opening the same menus and submenus, looking for the same commands again and again? Access menu commands across apps with these time-saving tips.

How to use services in Mac OS X

OS X services let you borrow features from other programs, saving yourself time and multiple steps in the process. Kirk McElhearn answers frequently asked questions about Lion's most underused shortcuts.

Why I use Scrivener for business writing

Scrivener was designed for writing fiction. But it turns out to be a great tool for business writing, too. David Sparks explains.

Automator workflow of the month: Automate app backups

There's nothing more irksome than losing an iOS app that works perfectly for you because a less-than-perfect update has replaced it. Here's how to protect yourself from such mishaps with Automator.

New year's resolution: A backup plan

Make a New Year's resolution you can keep: Start backing up your Mac. And we're going to make it as easy as possible.

Buying Guide: Document scanners

A document scanner can help you make the paperless office dream a reality. Here's what to look for when you're shopping.

Five unexpected uses for the Option key

The unsung hero of the keyboard, the Option key can reveal alternative commands and unlock all sorts of hidden features. Here are five of Sharon Zardetto's favorite Option key tricks.

Five unexpected uses for the spacebar

In the quest for greater productivity, Mac users have an unlikely ally—the spacebar. Here are five things you didn't know the spacebar could help you do.

Five unexpected uses for help tags

Sharon Zardetto shows how you can use help tags (formerly known as tooltips) to find the full name or path of a file in the Finder, get a quick summary of a help topic, learn all about a font, and more.

Six unexpected uses for the arrow keys

Navigate and activate menus, and more, with the often-overlooked arrow keys.

Five unexpected uses for the Control key

Sure, you’ve nearly worn out your Mac’s Control key using it to open contextual menus. But did you know you can also add Control to common key combinations to access different commands?

Buying guide: Color laser printers

Color laser printers offer great speed and reliability for demanding business and home users. If you’re in the market for one, we’ve got tips on what to look for.