Don't-Miss Camcorder Stories

Demystifying digital camera sensors once and for all

Forget megapixels. A camera's soul is its sensor, and not all are created equal.


How to use auditions in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X’s audition feature makes it fast, easy, and downright fun to try out different creative options for your edit.

Skype and the crashing camcorder

A reader can't seem to use his camcorder with Skype any longer. Chris Breen provides the path to success.

Create a music video with iMovie '11

It's surprisingly easy to get a professional movie from a musical performance. Videographer Heath McKnight walks us through the steps.

Anatomy of a video file

You’ve started shopping for an camcorder, and you’re swamped by a sea of letters, numbers, and indecipherable acronyms. What does it all mean? Our camcorder expert Bryan Hastings breaks it down in this handy guide.


Flip camcorders down, but not out

Just because Cisco has discontinued the Flip camcorder doesn't mean you can't continue using it, even without Cisco's FlipShare software.

Camcorder shooting tips for the holidays

Here's how to get the most from your holiday videos.

Camcorder tips for the holidays

To help ensure that the videos taken with your camcorder are as enjoyable as the events it captures, follow these tips.

Twitter revives a dead Flip camcorder

Have a Flip camcorder that you haven't switched on in months? You may find it reluctant to charge as I did. A Twitter follower provides the answer.

Tips and tricks for iMovie transitions

Transitions can lend needed context to your videos. Jeff Carlson walks us through the basics of setting up transitions in iMovie '11.

Staying sane while shooting video on the fly

Last week, as part of our Macworld 2011 coverage, we put together a series of videos highlighting unique and interesting products on the show floor. Though the tools for shooting and editing have gotten better in the last few years, it remains a challenge to figure out how to put these pieces together on the fly, as so many things can (and will) go wrong. Here are a few tips we've found that work (and that don't) when shooting video on a show floor.

Mastering iMovie trailers

iMovie trailers offer more than what appears on the surface, including a way to use the trailer as a starting point for a larger project. Jeff Carlson takes you through the steps.

How to pull still images from your videos

Have you ever captured a fleeting moment on digital video, only to wish you also had it as a still image? Follow these simple directions to turn any frame of a video into a photograph.