Don't-Miss Accessory Stories

Six ways to get online from anywhere

Can't find a hotspot? Don't worry: There are other ways to get online when you're on the road. Glenn Fleishman explains what they are and how to set them up.

Outsource your photo scanning projects

Scanning all your old photos is a daunting process. Should you use a third-party scanning service can help you migrate old photos from the shoe box to the computer?

Shrinking your mobile gear

In the spirit of recent Mobile Mac articles on reducing the weight of your portable setup, we take a look at a number of small-and-light gadgets that aim to help you slim down your laptop bag.

Bugs & Fixes: Be wary of APC battery backups for Intel Macs running Leopard

If you own an Intel-based Mac running a recent version of Mac OS X 10.5, battery backups from American Power Conversion could give you grief. Ted Landau has the details.

Access all Exposé modes on newer keyboards

Learn how to access all of Exposé's modes via the F3 key on new keyboards (laptops and standalone)

Cut down on cables

With some savvy scavenging and shopping, you can reduce the weight and clutter of your travel bag while still being prepared for any connection need.

How to add network attached storage

If you need to back up multiple Macs or share media files on your home (or small-business) network, you might need more than a USB drive attached to your AirPort base station or Time Capsule. Kirk McElhearn explains why network attached storage might be a better solution.

ExpressCard/34 Buyers’ Guide

If you've got a MacBook Pro, you've got an ExpressCard/34 slot (instead of the old PC Card slot). Jeff Carlson explains a few of the ways you can use that slot to beef up your laptop.

Your photo here

A print isn’t the only way to show off your photographic endeavors. Whereas photo-based gifts were once limited to mouse pads and mugs, now you can customize far more interesting objects with your favorite pictures.

Mac 911 - Sept. 2007

Christopher Breen troubleshoots reader problems with converting unprotected DVDs, diagnosing the Apple TV, iSight alternatives and AirDisk and Apple’s Backup.

3 great tricks for geeks

Geeks don’t conform to the status quo—and neither do their Macs. But even the best of us can get stuck in a word-processing and Web-browsing rut. If your New Year’s resolutions included breaking out of the ordinary, we’re here to help.

Create a time-lapse movie

Although you can’t fast-forward life, you can speed up time in your movies with time-lapse photography. This video technique compresses hours of action into mere seconds. Once you set up your camera, your Mac does most of the work for you.

Beyond basic black

Laptop bags have long been the Model Ts of the accessories world: practical, homely, and black. That’s changing. When it comes to toting your favorite Mac, basic black is way, way out.