Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Look before leaping... and formatting hard drives

Rob Griffiths learns—the hard way—the importance of double-checking one’s plans before implementing them, especially when it comes to hard drives.

The new Mac buying guide

Which new Mac should you buy? Macworld, the world's expert on Apple hardware, has expert buying advice.

Macworld Buying Guides: Apple’s Mac lineup

How well do you know Apple’s current Mac lineup? We’ve put together summaries of each type of Mac on the market today that will tell you when they were last updated, what changed, and how each system performs.

Dust kills

Dan Frakes takes his own advice about Mac maintenance and winds up fixing a problem involving dusty internal components.

How to: Upgrade a G5's optical drive

How to upgrade the optical drive on a first-generation Power Mac G5, and what kind of results you can expect after the upgrade.

RAIDing the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro and the previous top-of-the-line desktop Mac, the Power Mac G5, may look alike on the outside—cheese-grater exterior, huge brushed-aluminum handles, and USB and FireWire ports up front—but inside, they’re entirely different beasts.

Eight ways to go green

An energy-efficient office is good for the planet—and your wallet

Mac mini-HDTV connection guide

Hooking up a Mac mini to a high-definition television set can be a challenge. Few HDTVs have DVI connections, and, sometimes, the native resolution on your set isn't available in OS X. To walk you through the process, we've created this guide, which we'll update as we get more information on more HDTV models.

Amazing Mac mods

Modders love their Macs (and iPods) so much that they want to paint them, accessorize them, and put them into new cases—making the outside as personalized as their on-screen desktops. Here are some of our favorites.

Geek Beat: Tunes at your fingertips

A Virginia man turns his Toyota Prius into a mobile multimedia center using an Intel-based Mac mini.

Add a double-layer DVD burner to your eMac

Apple’s eMac provides a lot of bang for the buck. But you can add an even bigger bang for less than $100: a modern optical drive capable of recording double-layer DVDs. We’ll show you the steps necessary to create DVDs that can hold as much as 8.5GB of data.

Simply dashing

The Mac mini isn't just for desktops any more.