Don't-Miss Display Stories

Is AppleCare worth it?

11 months ago |

Some swear by Apple's extended warranty plan, AppleCare. Others just swear when talking about it. So it is worth the money or not?

Recycle your old tech gear

1 year ago |

What to do with your old tech gear when it no longer works? Recycle it. We show you how and where to be responsible with outdated stuff.

Buying Guide: Displays

1 year ago |

What to look for when purchasing an LCD for your Mac.

How to beat the line at the Apple Store

1 year ago |

No one likes waiting in a long checkout line. Here are a few tips and tricks for making your holiday visit to the Apple Store a little more pleasant.

Essential accessories: Clutter busters and travel-bag basics

1 year ago |

Looking to stock your travel bag or streamline your cluttered desk? Dan Frakes uncovers a slew of standout cables, chargers, and accessories.

Full-screen applications and multiple monitors

2 years ago |

Ever wondered what the inside of a can of worms looks like? Chris Breen reveals its icky splendor when addressing full-screen applications and multiple monitors in Lion.

Know your last-minute holiday shopping deadlines

2 years ago |

Still have some holiday shopping to do? Don’t delay -- online ordering deadlines are quickly approaching if you want your gifts delivered before 2012.

HDCP errors with iTunes HD content

3 years ago |

Seeing HDCP errors when you attempt to play iTunes HD content? An explanation of the way HDCP works and what you might do to fix the problem with complaint devices.

Using an iMac as a second monitor

3 years ago |

You have an old iMac that has a perfectly good display. Wouldn't it be great if you could use it as a second monitor with your new MacBook Air. You can, but you may be underwhelmed by the results.

Get the right colors on your Mac display

4 years ago |

If you're an amateur photographer, if you like to watch videos on your Mac, or even if you're a gamer, you should consider calibrating your display. You can use OS X's built-in calibration tools, or an external calibration gadget.

Enable better font smoothing on some LCD displays in Snow Leopard

4 years ago |

Snow Leopard removed some options for font smoothing, and some third-party monitors may suffer degraded font rendering as a result. This hint explains how to possibly restore the font smoothing on those monitors via a Terminal command

HDTV buying guide

4 years ago |

HDTVs are evolving fast. From new smooth-motion technology to 'green' energy-conserving capabilities, we’ll tell you the features you’ve got to have on your next set.

HDTV buying guide: Shopping tips

4 years ago |

Keep these shopping tips in mind when you're browsing the store aisles for a HDTV.