Don't-Miss Home audio Stories

Listening to radio on the iPad

Seeking a way listen to radio on your iPad? There are apps for that.

Three tips for using Apple's Remote app with iTunes

Apple Remote app can help you control iTunes from afar, and in interesting ways.

Rip audio tracks from your DVDs

With some simple tools, you can pull the musical content off your favorite DVDs to listen to on your iPod or in iTunes.

iPhone Hints: Speak and ye shall be heard

The iPhone 3GS's Voice Control feature is remarkably useful and efficient; this week's installment of iPhone Hints shows you how to get the most out of it.

Classical music downloads come of age

Classical music labels have been slow to embrace the download market. Kirk McElhearn takes a look at the growing offerings springing up for classical music lovers.

Copy music off your iPod

There's nothing worse than losing your iTunes library to a hard drive crash. If you have music on your iPod, you can at least get it back with the right tools.

Build a whole-home audio system

We love Sonos' Digital Music System and Logitech's Squeezebox, but Dan Frakes and Jason Snell set out to determine if they could build a comparable system from AirPort Express units and other Apple gear. Their experiences can help you decide which is the best system for getting your music around your house.

Cleaning an iTunes library

Is your iTunes library full of duplicates, tracks from misnamed artists and albums, and albums lacking artwork? These tools can help.

Recording your song on an iPhone

As an amateur musician, I’m always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack, it’s easy to compose an entire song, record the basic parts, and then export the audio to your Mac for further editing.

Build your own photo booth

Liven up your parties and weddings with an easy DIY photo set-up that won't break the bank.

Syncing large music libraries

You have a large iTunes library and an iPod that can't hold it all? Here are tips for shoe-horning the best stuff on to your portable media player.

Ripping and burning CDs with iTunes

You remember CDs, right? Those silvery discs you played music from before you owned an iPod? Yeah, those. Here's a reminder of what iTunes can do with these discs.

The Button as last resort

When a device has given up the ghost, the press of a couple of key buttons could put things right.