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Extracting audio from movies with iLife

iLife's iMovie and GarageBand can help you pull audio files from your movies.

Miking drums, amps, and recording to the Mac

Miking drums and amps to get the best recording signal to your Mac is a tedious but rewarding process.

Convert GarageBand tracks to electric guitar tracks

You have an old GarageBand project that includes software instrument guitar tracks that you'd like to use with GarageBand ’09's Electric Guitar tracks. Here's how to convert them.

Get audio into your Mac

Need to record sounds on your computer? Christopher Breen shows you the hardware you'll need for the job.

Podcasting guide

With some good hardware and a few tips, you can create your own high-quality podcasts to share with the world.

Audio recording dos and don’ts

Jim Dalrymple’s music recording project continues, as he shares some dos and don’ts he’s picked up over the last few months.

Choosing a microphone and other podcasting hardware

Want to try your hand at podcasting? You’ll need to pick out some necessary hardware first. In this excerpt from his Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac e-book, Andy Williams Affleck tells you what to consider when picking out a microphone, breakout box, or mixer for putting your podcasts together.

Record any sounds

Many fleeting sounds that play on your Mac are worth preserving. With the help of the right software, you can record and edit audio files and add them to iTunes for future use.

Choose the right guitar

Because Jim Dalrymple records all of his music on the Mac, he tends to focus on software designed for that purpose. However, there are other important factors to consider from the outset—one of the most important is choosing the right guitar for the job.

How to update iTunes podcasts

Is iTunes missing episodes from a favorite podcast? Here's how to put things right.

Sound off in specific applications

Yes, you can adjust sound in specific applications, but you'll have to pay for the privilege.

Recording acoustic, electric guitar into your Mac

Jim Dalrymple’s album-recording project continues, as he experiments with finding the right acoustic and electric sounds and recording them on his Mac.

Setting up Pro Tools recording gear

Jim Dalrymple’s album-recording project continues, as he turns to the Digidesign 003 Factory audio interface, Pro Tools LE 7 audio software, and M-Audio Octane preamp for his recording needs.