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Five things to do with your old Apple TV

Now that you've purchased a second generation Apple TV, what can you do with your original Apple TV? We have some suggestions.

A better Apple TV workflow

Challenge: Encode media on energy-sucking Mac Pro. Prefer to stream to Apple TV from energy efficient Mac mini in other room. Need easy way to transfer media from Pro to mini. Here are a couple of solutions.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV troubleshooting

The arrival of the Apple TV has brought a new round of support articles from Apple for the device. Ted Landau rounds those up and touches on some other troubleshooting and hacking-related findings from Apple TV owners.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV troubleshooting tool needs improvement

Ted Landau keeps running into a problem with his Apple TV that underscores the troubleshooting weaknesses of Apple's set-top box.

Bugs & Fixes: Redeeming the code for a Star Trek digital copy

Several DVDs now include a digital copy that you can download via iTunes to watch on your iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. But some owners of the Star Trek DVD may have problems downloading their digital copy.

Create a central media library

With a Mac, iTunes 9, and Apple TV, and an HDTV, you can access all of your audio and video content from the couch. Here's how.

Associate files to applications using Services in Snow Leopard

If you don't like Snow Leopard's inability to automatically open certain documents in the program that create that document, you're not alone. While there's no permanent solution in sight, this hint provides a relatively easy way to associate a document with an application.

Beyond HandBrake's defaults

HandBrake is a terrific tool for easily ripping DVDs but there may come times when you want to go beyond its preset settings. Here's a look beneath the surface for doing just that.

Bugs & Fixes: Tying up loose ends

Ted Landau revisits recent Bugs & Fixes columns to see if there are updates for troubles involving the Apple TV and iPhone.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV deletes files

Has iTunes started unexpectedly copying several hundred files to your Apple TV when you try syncing your set-top box? It's happened to Ted Landau, so he does some digging to find out the cause.

Group movies into folders on Apple TV

Learn a simple trick to organize your movies into folders on your Apple TV

Thinking outside the Apple TV with Boxee

If Apple's not going to provide compelling Apple TV updates, maybe it's time you took matters into your own hands.

Force-restoring the Apple TV

Does your Apple TV refuse to move beyond the Apple logo screen? Both sides of my brain offer a solution.