Don't-Miss Home tech Stories

How to simplify your home office

Clutter and chaos are the enemies of efficiency. So they have no place in your office. Here's how Joe Kissell straightened out his workplace to get more work done.

Microphones: What you need to know before you buy

Everything you need to know about choosing a microphone for recording music at home.


Bugs & Fixes: Problems pairing iPhones to Bluetooth audio systems

Ted Landau reports that some people are having difficulties pairing their iPhones with their Bluetooth car audio systems. Here are your options.

Creating the perfect Pandora holiday station

Why spend a nickel on music that you won't listen to 11 months out of the year? With Pandora you can fill your home with the right holiday jingles.

How to build your own AirPlay audio system

Want to wirelessly stream your music to speakers using Apple's AirPlay technology, but don't want to buy an expensive (and still somewhat rare) AirPlay-enabled system? Dan Frakes explains how to make your own.

Hands on with Sonos and AirPlay

Sonos brings a sort of AirPlay support to its gear. How and why to set it up.

Head to Head: iPod nano vs. pocket camcorders

How well does the new iPod nano's video camera compare to a standard-definition pocket camcorder? Take a look at samples that PC World shot with a nano, a Flip Mino, an iPhone 3GS, and a Kodak Zi8.

Macworld Buying Guides: iPods

Last year, Apple sold 22.1 million iPods in the three months ending December 31. It’s safe bet that many of those iPods wound up being given as gifts. Maybe you’re planning on giving an iPod of your own this holiday season. Stumped as to which one of the four different kinds of iPods to pick? Don’t worry: we’ve got some helpful advice.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV network and authorization hassles

Is your Apple TV not showing up in iTunes? Are you getting error messages when you attempt to sync your Apple TV? Ted Landau covers these troubles in the latest installment of Bugs & Fixes.

Excerpt: Use your iPod as a startup drive

What to do on those occasions when your Mac hard drive fails and you can't start up? If you've got an older iPod lying around, you can turn it into an emergency statup disk. In this excerpt from Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music, Steve Sande shows you how.

Convert video for Apple TV

Got a DVD collection that you'd love to be able to watch via Apple TV? Jonathan Seff walks you through the steps of ripping DVDs into Apple TV-compatible files that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch in the best possible quality.

Upgrading Apple TV's hard drive

Dan Frakes decided that 40GB wasn't enough space, so he upgraded his Apple TV's hard drive -- and documented the process so you can, too.

Moving music off the iPod

When your computer's hard drive crashes, you can rebuild your music library with the songs stored on your iPod. Trouble is, Apple doesn't make this a very easy task. Christopher Breen walks you through the process of moving music off your iPod onto a computer, updated to include information on iTunes 7 and the latest versions of file-swapping utilities.