Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

How to copy and paste text in iOS

It took two years for the iPhone to get copy and paste support. But the feature's a bit less intuitive than other elements of iOS. Lex Friedman shows you how to put copying, pasting, and text editing to use.

How to encrypt an external hard drive in Lion

FileVault 2 not onlyencrypts your Mac’s internal drive, but it can also encrypt external drives. Interested in securing your data? We’ll take you through the steps here.

Adjust your locked iPhone's volume

You can change the volume of your locked iPhone with a simple trick.

How to sync large iTunes libraries with small devices

As you acquire more and more music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, apps, and books, it becomes increasingly difficult -- or, more likely, impossible -- to fit your entire iTunes library on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Kirk McElhearn offers some advice on how to deal with the data-storage disparity.

Silently set an iPhone alarm

The challenge: You want to set an alarm is loud enough to wake you the next morning, but you don't want it to go off right now. How to set it without sound? A Hints reader has a trick.

iPhone and iPad Security: Four basic tips to stay safe

While waiting for Apple to fix the 3.0 vulnerability, follow these four basic practices to avoid being bitten by malware.

An easier way to organize iOS apps

Rearranging apps or creating folders on your iPhone or iPad can be a drag. It's far easier to do so in iTunes on your Mac then sync. Here's a little trick that makes it even easier.

Keep your Mac safe while traveling

Getting ready for the holiday weekend? Whether you're on a cruise ship or at a coffee shop, public Wi-Fi networks can leave your Mac's data vulnerable. Lex Friedman offers a few tips for keeping your data safe.

How to create and organize iOS folders

We first got folders way back with iOS 4. So if you haven't mastered them yet, now is as good a time as any. Lex Friedman walks you through the finer points of creating and organizing folders on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

How to use an unlocked iPhone 4 with T-Mobile

Now that Apple sells unlocked iPhones in the U.S., you can use an iPhone 4 on T-Mobile's network. Here's how.

Smartphone data plans: Keeping bandwidth usage in check

With smartphone service providers phasing out unlimited data plans, users have to be vigilant about checking their bandwidth usage. CIO's Bill Snyder has a few tips.

Sharing a hotel Internet connection

Chris Breen brings a little clarity to the subject of sharing a wired connection with an iOS device.

Eight tips for travelers

Whether you're hitting the road for business or pleasure, these tips can make traveling with your Apple gear much more fun.