Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

Macintosh buying guide 2010

Shopping for a new Mac? Here's the lowdown on Apple's offerings to help you decide which Mac to buy.

Apple offers advice on iPhone alarm bug

Apple has released a support document highlighting the problem of iPhone alarms setting of one hour late, as the US switch from Daylight Savings Time tonight.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting MobileMe Calendar

Apple moved MobileMe Calendar out of beta last week, but after working with the software, Ted Landau thinks that might have been premature. He shares some tips from Apple before detailing his own experience with cloud-based calendaring.

Five fantastic Address Book tips

When you think of Apple’s most intriguing applications, it’s unlikely Address Book springs to mind. But thanks to its close ties to Apple’s Mail and iCal as well as your iOS devices, it’s actually one of the applications you use the most. These tips will help you be more productive.

Network printing demystified

The days when sharing a printer over a network required strange voodoo rituals are largely over, but today's heterogeneous configurations that include Windows, OS X and mobile devices pose a challenge of their own.

Fix iPhone Outlook calendar problems

Why is it so hard to make Outlook calendars and contacts sync with an iPhone?'s Bill Snyder finds a workaround using Google Calendar and shares his tips.

How to convert DVDs for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices

You have multiple Apple media players. What are the best video-encoding settings to use? Tune in.

Fix buggy iOS apps by forcing them to quit

Quitting iOS apps in order to fix buggy behavior seems like a bit of a hack, but it's a hack recommended by Apple itself.

Managing and securing iOS 4 devices at work

As more iPhones go to work, IT shops have more options to handle them. Computerworld's Ryan Faas takes an in-depth look at those options.

Bugs & Fixes: Recovering lost contacts

Syncing your calendar and contact data across your Mac and iOS devices using MobileMe can come in handy, but not when your contacts disappear. Ted Landau looks at potential options for getting those contacts back where they belong.

All about iTunes movie rentals

Renting movies from the iTunes Store can be pretty simple if you don't want to do anything special, though you'll have to jump through some hoops if you want to move rented movies.

Syncing iPhone notes to MobileMe

The steps for syncing notes between Mail, MobileMe, and an iOS device.

Five great iPad apps for iPhone photographers

There are a number of popular iPhone photo-editing apps that have been released for the iPad. These apps will give you plenty of ways to edit, tweak, and stylize your photos directly on the iPad.