Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

Transferring an iPhone restore file

iPhone updates are not a slender as they once were. If you have a slow Internet connection, they aren't something you want to download twice. And you don't have to.

Bugs & Fixes: Seven iOS 4 troubleshooting tips

When a new iOS update arrives, expect to run into a few head-scratching problems. Not to worry -- Ted Landau is on the case with seven tips that provide answers to several of the questions you may be asking.

Set up iOS 4 folders wisely

iOS 4 lets you consolidate your number of iPhone app screens, using app folders. But there are a few hitches. CIO's Tom Kaneshige offers five quick tips for moving your apps into folders.

Rolling back your iPhone 3G to OS 3.1.3

You've updated your iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and it's reeeeeaaally slow. Here are steps for rolling it back to OS 3.1.3.

Record voice memos on the iPod, iPhone

Using and iPhone or most iPods, you can record voice memos on the go.

Five things to do before leaving for vacation

Heading out of town? Take care of a few critical tasks--from backing up your data to setting up remote access--and you can leave your desk behind without a second glance.

What to do with that old iPhone

You're about to trade up to an iPhone 4. Here are things you can do with the old phone.

Bugs & Fixes: MobileMe Gallery roadblocks with iOS devices

Ted Landau ran into several roadblocks when trying upload a collection of photos from his iPad to MobileMe Gallery.

Bugs & Fixes: Router's network password can slow Wi-Fi speed

Is the speed of your 802.11n Wi-Fi network unexpectedly slow? If you are getting a strong signal and everything else seems to be working fine, your type of password may be the reason behind the slow down. Ted Landau explains.

Use timed access to lock out iDevices from Wi-Fi

Worried that your teen or tween is spending all night wired to the iPod touch or iPad? Glenn Fleishman walks you through a way to set timed access in a manner that sticks if you're using an Apple Wi-Fi base station on your network.

Bugs & Fixes: An update on iPad Wi-Fi reception problems

A few weeks back, Ted Landau covered reports of iPad users having problems with poor Wi-Fi reception. He revisits the topic now that Apple has acknowledged the issue.

Talk to your iPod: Inside Apple's Voice Control

You can control music playback on the iPod touch (late 2009) and iPhone 3GS with Apple's Voice Control feature. Here's how.

Move files between your iPad and Mac

Exchanging files with the iPad requires a bit of work. Kirk McElhearn shows how to minimize the hassle, especially when you're copying iWork files.