Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

iPhone under the hood: Carrier settings and configuration profiles

There's more you can do with your iPhone's carrier settings than just download and install the latest update. Ted Landau shows you how to custom reinstall, directly view and even modify your carrier settings -- and explains why you would want to.

What's your wireless signal strength?

When you're having trouble with your wireless connection, it can be frustrating to figure out the strength of the signal from your client to the base station. Glenn Fleishman shows three ways to get the information you need.

Searching notes in Calendar and Contact apps

You say you want to search the Notes field of the iPhone's Calendar and Contacts apps? Just how eager are you to jailbreak your phone?

Make your iPhone video pop

How to shoot crisp and colorful video on your iPhone without the typical jerky-camera look.

Free stuff for your phone

The only thing better than cool iPhone apps? Free iPhone apps. PC World's Rick Broida shows you how to find them.

Recording your song on an iPhone

As an amateur musician, I’m always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack, it’s easy to compose an entire song, record the basic parts, and then export the audio to your Mac for further editing.

Beyond HandBrake's defaults

HandBrake is a terrific tool for easily ripping DVDs but there may come times when you want to go beyond its preset settings. Here's a look beneath the surface for doing just that.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone app icon mix-up

Do you tap one icon on your iPhone's home screen only to have another app launch? Ted Landau identifies the problem, but a definitive fix is hard to come by until Apple steps in.

Stream music from iTunes

Using an Airport Express or an Apple TV, you can easily stream music from iTunes to the speakers of your choice.

Top text-messaging etiquette tips

Having an online life means developing a whole new set of manners. Here's how to avoid annoying others when you send text messages. (Tip: don't text during church.)

Play Internet radio in the background

Jason Snell shows you how to play Internet radio streams in the background of your iPhone.

Manage iPhones with Exchange

PC World blogger Michael Scalisi looks at what goes into supporting iPhones in a Microsoft Exchange environment.

Mac 911 and the summer vacation

Lessons learned during a recent summer vacation.