Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3.0's mystery Mail bug

Ted Landua has noticed an iPhone 3.0 bug where Spotlight searches turn up long-deleted e-mails. Here are the details.

Bugs & Fixes: Tying up loose ends

Ted Landau revisits recent Bugs & Fixes columns to see if there are updates for troubles involving the Apple TV and iPhone.

Can an SD card startup disk be used on any Mac?

Can an SD card startup disk be used on any Mac? Roman Loyola does a little bit of testing, and finds the answer may be yes.

Choose a MobileMe account for publishing iPhone media

The iPhone doesn't let you choose which MobileMe account to use for photo and video uploads, but there's still a way to change that setting. We show you how, thanks to a Mac OS X Hints reader.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhones that are too hot to handle

The Internet is buzzing about reports of iPhone 3GS models over-heating. But before you assume you need a replacement iPhone or that Apple needs to issue a recall, Ted Landau suggests that you cool down.

Mac 911 Lightning Round

Quick answers to short questions.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3GS signal strength oddities

Ted Landau noticed his new iPhone 3GS seemed to spend more time connected to the EDGE network than did his old iPhone 3G. So he did a little digging to find out why.

Using iPhoto's Places without a GPS-enabled camera

iPhoto '09's Places features lets you tag the location where an image was shot. But what if you don't have a GPS-enabled camera? Here's how you can recreate the location-tagging feature with the help of an iPhone.

Resetting Visual Voicemail

If you're experience problems with Visual Voicemail after your transition to the new iPhone, a reader passes along a quick fix.

Feed your iPhone/iPod touch free iTunes content

You're probably aware that you can easily find free iTunes content from within the iTunes application on your Mac or PC. Here's how with an iPhone or iPod touch.

Hands on with iPhone 3.0's Spotlight

The new iPhone software adds enhanced search tools. Dan Frakes shows you how iPhone 3.0 makes it easier to find information and content on your mobile device.

Switch network settings with ease

OS X's built-in Location feature lets you quickly change network settings based on where you are. Glenn Fleishman shows you how to get the most out of this feature, and how to tweak it with third-party tools.

Using video playlists on the iPhone/iPod touch

You've created a video playlist yet your iPhone fails to respect it. Here are a couple of techniques for ganging together videos within iPhone playlists.