Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

Understanding Wi-Fi's two spectrum bands

The versions of AirPort Extreme Base Station and Time Capsule released earlier this year can operate simultaneously over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum bands. Glenn Fleishman looks at common problems and solutions that might plague you in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and offers advice on manually setting channels in both bands or creating two unique networks with a simultaneous dual-band base station.

Eight iPhone apps and services for system admins

John C. Welch rounds up the iPhone apps and services that make his IT job go a lot smoother.

iCal, iPhone, and the disappearing senior citizens

Are the birthdays of your well-seasoned friends and relatives refusing to sync with your iPhone? Here's why and how to work around it.

Solve an obscure Back to my Mac issue

Learn how a matter of time may prevent Back to my Mac from working.

Access all Exposé modes on newer keyboards

Learn how to access all of Exposé's modes via the F3 key on new keyboards (laptops and standalone)

Troubleshoot your MacBook

Is your laptop lagging? Notebook not its usual self? Ted Landau has some suggestions for solving the most common problems with portable Macs.

Reclaim some drive space from iTunes

Learn how to free up a bit of drive space by deleting unneeded iPod and iPhone software updaters.

Bugs & Fixes: iWork ’09 documents can crash an iPhone

Some iWork ’09 documents may not display correctly on your iPhone, even causing the device to crash. Until a permanent fix comes out, Ted Landau shares the recommended work-around.

See more device info in iTunes

Learn how to find out additional details about your iPhone, Apple TV, and iPod touch in iTunes’ Summary screen.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone screen repairs, revisited

Ted Landau thought the white spot on his iPhone 3G screen was the result of a dead pixel issue. But an Apple Store genius helped him discover the actual problem—as well as a fix.

Keep working when you’re not online

Sometimes you don’t have an Internet connection. But you can still check e-mail and browse the Web. Joe Kissell explains how.

Bugs & Fixes: Bugs affect TiVo-to-iPhone transfers

Ted Landau wonders if he can convert TiVo files into an iPhone format. He can, but not without a good deal of time and hassle.

Bugs & Fixes: When file downloads from MobileMe fail to open

When testing a new way to share files via your MobileMe disk, Ted Landau discovers a bug that prevents some files downloaded from Apple's online service from opening properly.