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Ask the iTunes Guy: iTunes Match confusion

Kirk McElhearn kicks off our new Ask the iTunes Guy column by addressing some of your questions about iTunes Match.

Introducing Ask the iTunes Guy

We're introducing a new column on to address reader questions about iTunes and related topics. Answering those questions will be senior contributor Kirk McElhearn, author of the recently updated Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ.

How to get rid of old hardware responsibly

Reduce, reuse, recycle all your old gear to make the world a better place.

Post to Twitter with Siri

Siri says it can't post to Twitter. We found a way that indeed it can.

Giving the gift of an iPhone

Because of contracts with wireless carriers, it can be tricky gifting someone an iPhone that's ready to go the moment they open your present. But it can be done -- Joel Mathis explains how.


Three quick iMessage tips

The new iMessage feature, introduced with iOS 5, is good out of the box. But with a few quick tips, you can make the iOS device messaging capability even better.

Know your last-minute holiday shopping deadlines

Still have some holiday shopping to do? Don’t delay -- online ordering deadlines are quickly approaching if you want your gifts delivered before 2012.

Buying guide: iPods

Which iPod (or iPhone or iPad) is right for you or the target of your holiday generosity? We run down your options.

Six tips for mastering Siri

Siri is certainly fun to show off, but it can also help you get more done with your iPhone 4S. If you can learn a few of Siri's nuances, you can turn the artificially intelligent assistant into an impressive productivity tool.

Macworld guide to AppleCare

Is AppleCare worth paying for the extra coverage? What exactly does AppleCare cover, and how does it work? Here's a guide to AppleCare, to help you decide if you should buy this extended warranty with your next Mac.

Start dictation by lifting your iPhone 4S to your ear

Siri's Raise to Speak option works differently when there's a keyboard on screen: It starts transcription mode instead.

iPod buying guide

Which iPod (or iPhone or iPad) is right for you or the target of your holiday generosity? We run down your options.

Get quick access to iOS settings with IconSettings

IconSettings allows you to create Home icons for the settings of your iOS device, without needing to jailbreak it.