Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Bugs & Fixes: Revisiting a Magic Mouse problem

Before he decides whether or not to buy a Magic Trackpad, Ted Landau wants to resolve a lingering issue with the Magic Mouse and its inability to connect with his Mac Pro.

Video: Demonstration of Magic Trackpad gestures

If you’re still wondering about the Magic Trackpad's gestures, here's a video demonstration.

Bugs & Fixes: Get Flash Player to work with an iSight camera

Ted Landau ran into some problems trying to get Adobe's Flash Player to work with an iSight camera. But he managed to find a solution after digging around the Web.

Cures for a crusty keyboard

'tis the season to spill egg nog and candy cane crumbs into your keyboard. Here's how to get it out.

Enable momentum scrolling for Magic Mouse in 10.5

The new Magic Mouse includes a feature called 'momentum scrolling,' but only in OS X 10.6. However, using a simple Terminal command, you can add momentum scrolling to the Magic Mouse in 10.5.

Mice buying guide

We’re in the Golden Age of Rodents. It’s time to look at the mice you’re missing. However, the wealth of choices can be daunting. We have a few tips to help you.

Keyboards buying guide

The keyboard you choose is based on a personal decision, but there are some features and terms you should understand so you make the proper buying decision. And that’s what this guide is here to do. Here are our tips to buying a new keyboard.

Integrate your iWeb site with Facebook

Here's a few tips on bringing iWeb and Facebook together.

Bugs & Fixes: Magic Mouse loses its way

A pair of irritating symptoms have made Ted Landau's experience with Apple's latest mouse less than magical.

Cartoon you: Illustrator’s Live Trace converts your photo into a drawing

Illustrator's Live Trace feature is the subject of our fourth article on how to create your own avatar portrait for social networking Web sites and instant messengers.

Access all Exposé modes on newer keyboards

Learn how to access all of Exposé's modes via the F3 key on new keyboards (laptops and standalone)

Control the world

Your Mac can already talk to all kinds of electronic devices. But there are plenty of other gizmos that your Mac can’t communicate with: motors, robots, external LCD displays, and sensors of all sorts. You’ll need a microcontroller to connect hobbyist hardware to your Mac. Brian Jepson shows you how it’s done.

Six productivity tricks

If you could choose to get more work done in less time, wouldn’t you? Luckily, with a few simple tips, you can streamline your workflow and use your Mac more efficiently. Here are six ways to make that happen.