Don't-Miss Scanner Stories

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How to turn old photos into new holiday calendars

Digitizing film-printed images and gathering them into a calendar is a great way to make a gift and give these old photos some new life. We take you step-by-step from start to finish.

Bugs & Fixes: Solve scanning problems via HP’s hidden settings

Ted Landau tunnels into Hewlett-Packard's tech support hierarchy to solve a couple of tricky scanner issues.

Secrets of the paperless office: optimizing OCR

OCR software converts document scans into searchable PDFs. But what settings and software will get you the most accurate results while using the least hard-disk space? Joe Kissell's results may surprise you.

Get your scanner to work with Photoshop CS6

After 20 years of “scanning into Photoshop,” the latest Macs, OS X, and Photoshop CS6 have made so many changes to their architecture that users of some older scanners now find it impossible to do. Here's what happened and how to deal with the problem.

Buying Guide: Document scanners

A document scanner can help you make the paperless office dream a reality. Here's what to look for when you're shopping.

How to make your office paperless

Are you drowning in paper? Do you ever wish you could find important documents more easily? Joe Kissell shows how to make the paperless office a reality with these tips and some helpful, downloadable scripts.

Scan images wirelessly with Preview

Cut the cords and set up your Mac and all-in-one scanner so you can scan documents and images over a Wi-Fi connection.

Restore your old pictures with iPhoto

Return your scanned old photos to their former glory with a few easy adjustments in iPhoto.

Outsource your photo scanning projects

Scanning all your old photos is a daunting process. Should you use a third-party scanning service can help you migrate old photos from the shoe box to the computer?

Bugs & Fixes: Get NeatWorks and ScanSnap to play together

Ted Landau had trouble getting Neatworks scanning software to work with his Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M. Fortunately, there’s a fix.

Update: The paperless office

Last year, Joe Kissell showed you how to eliminate almost all your office paper, using a scanner and some AppleScripts. Now he's updated those scripts so they're compatible with the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat.

The real paperless office

Computers were supposed to make paperless offices possible, but most of us are surrounded by more pages than ever. It’s possible to break free from paper’s grip, however.

Mac 911 - Oct. 2006

Chris Breen offers insights on ways to get iTunes Video audio on your nano, the dirt on scanners, child protection services, splitting underpowered USB and doing the dish.