Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Bugs & Fixes: Getting EyeTV Live 3G to work

Elgato's EyeTV Live 3G is a free Web app that works with the iPhone to stream video content from the EyeTV application on your Mac. Ted Landau walks you through the process of setting it up.

When good apps go bad

When one of your favorite iPhone apps gets hit with a flawed update, you could wait for the developer to come out with a fix. Or, with the help of Time Machine, you can re-install the old version. Here's how.

iPhone Hints: Take contacts farther afield

Want to add some information to a contact on your iPhone but feel like you're putting a

iPhone Hints: Adding locations to Calendar events

Despite having a location field, the iPhone's Calendar application is kind of useless at helping you find your appointments' locations. Here's a workaround to make it a little bit easier.

Understand the iPhone backup

During a sync, iTunes not only syncs managed information and media, but also creates or updates an iPhone backup. The main function of the backup is to permit you to restore personal data and settings to your iPhone during a Restore. In this excerpt from Take Control of iPhone OS 3, Ted Landau takes a closer look at the process of backing up and restoring your iPhone's data.

Copy music off your iPod

There's nothing worse than losing your iTunes library to a hard drive crash. If you have music on your iPod, you can at least get it back with the right tools.

Secure your jailbroken iPhone with a password change

A couple of vulnerabilities pray on jailbroken iPhones that use the same default password. Here's how to change that password to avoid getting bitten.

iPhone Hints: Lock picture orientation in Photos

If last week's iPhone hint was a little complicated, this week's is an exercise in simplicity. Here's how to keep a picture in Photos locked in either landscape or portrait orientation.

iPhone Hints: Subscribed calendars on your iPhone

MobileMe users can sync their subscribed calendars from their Mac to their iPhone, but what about the rest of us?

iPhone under the hood: Carrier settings and configuration profiles

There's more you can do with your iPhone's carrier settings than just download and install the latest update. Ted Landau shows you how to custom reinstall, directly view and even modify your carrier settings -- and explains why you would want to.

Make your iPhone video pop

How to shoot crisp and colorful video on your iPhone without the typical jerky-camera look.

Free stuff for your phone

The only thing better than cool iPhone apps? Free iPhone apps. PC World's Rick Broida shows you how to find them.

Recording your song on an iPhone

As an amateur musician, I’m always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack, it’s easy to compose an entire song, record the basic parts, and then export the audio to your Mac for further editing.