Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Play Internet radio in the background

Jason Snell shows you how to play Internet radio streams in the background of your iPhone.

Manage iPhones with Exchange

PC World blogger Michael Scalisi looks at what goes into supporting iPhones in a Microsoft Exchange environment.

Top 10 iPhone annoyances -- and how to fix them

Even the iPhone isn't perfect. PC World counts down the top 10 iPhone annoyances and what you can do about them.

Inside iPhone 3.0's Remote Wipe feature

The iPhone 3.0 software's Remote Wipe feature adds a measure of security, but it's not foolproof, and how long it takes depends on the device.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3.0's mystery Mail bug

Ted Landua has noticed an iPhone 3.0 bug where Spotlight searches turn up long-deleted e-mails. Here are the details.

Choose a MobileMe account for publishing iPhone media

The iPhone doesn't let you choose which MobileMe account to use for photo and video uploads, but there's still a way to change that setting. We show you how, thanks to a Mac OS X Hints reader.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3GS signal strength oddities

Ted Landau noticed his new iPhone 3GS seemed to spend more time connected to the EDGE network than did his old iPhone 3G. So he did a little digging to find out why.

Resetting Visual Voicemail

If you're experience problems with Visual Voicemail after your transition to the new iPhone, a reader passes along a quick fix.

Hands on with stereo Bluetooth and the iPhone 3.0 update

The iPhone 3.0 software update brings stereo Bluetooth streaming to select iPhone and iPod touch models. Dan Frakes takes an in-depth look at this new feature.

Hands on with iPhone 3.0's Spotlight

The new iPhone software adds enhanced search tools. Dan Frakes shows you how iPhone 3.0 makes it easier to find information and content on your mobile device.

Eight iPhone apps and services for system admins

John C. Welch rounds up the iPhone apps and services that make his IT job go a lot smoother.

Bugs & Fixes: iWork ’09 documents can crash an iPhone

Some iWork ’09 documents may not display correctly on your iPhone, even causing the device to crash. Until a permanent fix comes out, Ted Landau shares the recommended work-around.

Bugs & Fixes: Bugs affect TiVo-to-iPhone transfers

Ted Landau wonders if he can convert TiVo files into an iPhone format. He can, but not without a good deal of time and hassle.