Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Hands on with iOS 6: Stores

Here are a few tricks and tips to help you get started with the new store layouts in iOS 6.

Hands on with iOS 6: Maps

Apple has completely revamped the Maps app, cutting it free from Google and adding a bunch of cool new tools.

Run Office on your iPad

Want to edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad and file compatibility is your top concern? These services let your iPad run the Windows version of Microsoft Office remotely.

Editing Word documents on an iPad

Even though there's no iPad version of Word, you can read and edit Word documents on your iPad if you're willing to accept a few compromises. Joe Kissell shows you how.

Force iOS to use YouTube site instead of app

The YouTube app that comes with iOS might be convenient, but it hasn't been updated in years. YouTube's own mobile site is better. Here's how to force iOS to use that site instead of the app for YouTube links.

The frustrations of App Store licensing

There's a reason corporations are shaking their collective fists in the direction of Cupertino--the inability to transfer app licenses.

The ins and outs of iPad photo management

Confused about how to manage photos on an iPad? Chris Breen offers some tips for using the Photos app as well as suggests a more capable alternative.

Presenting with the iPad

Dreaming of the day you can leave the heavy laptop behind and give all your presentations from your iPad? Joe Kissell explores what's possible with the third-generation iPad and AirPlay.

How to change photos from color to black and white in iPhoto for iOS

Classic black and white effect can add a touch of timelessness to your photos, or you can use it to show off dramatic shadows and color contrasts.


Edit your vacation videos the easy way with iMovie on your iPad

From start to finish, creating a vacation video with iMovie for iOS is swift and easy. Heath McKnight gives us a crash course.

Bugs & Fixes: Hoped-for iOS 6 fixes for search and navigation

Ted Landau anticipates that Apple will announce iOS 6 at WWDC. Here are a couple of interface issues he'd like to see addressed.

The expert's guide to Instapaper

Marco Arment's Instapaper service-and-app is a great way to save Web articles for later reading on your iPad. If you haven't tried it, here's a quick guide to getting started. And if you already use it, here are some tips for getting more out of it.

Gifting Mac App Store apps, emailing videos, and more

Time again to flush out the old mailbag with short hits from Mac 911.