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Multiple iPods and computers

Apple has made it pretty easy to sync an iPod with a computer, but what happens when things get a bit more complicated? If you have more music players or more computers than you know how to deal with, the following tips and tools can help.

Mac 911

This month Chris Breen deals with slicker slide shows, Preview MIA, protecting archives, iPod safety net, disk utility tricks and fax facts.

Better audio burning

iTunes is a great tool for ripping, encoding, and managing your music—and it’s free—but even Apple wouldn’t claim that it’s the be-all and end-all for creating audio CDs. We’ll show you how to do more with your music and create a greater variety of audio discs.

Mac 911

Chris Breen offers solutions on the art of linking letters, return addresses, pesky thumbnails, correcting capitalization and instructions on how to do the iPod shuffle.

Play anything

With so many Windows-centric files floating around the Internet, it’s easy for Mac users to feel left out. But with the right software—most of which is just a free download away—you can play almost any file your Windows-using friends throw at you.

Mac 911

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Create CD Inserts in iTunes

The iPod and iTunes are great, but sometimes you still need a CD. To give your burned CDs more panache, why not print an insert that slides into the disc’s jewel case? We’ll show you how to use iTunes 4.6’s built-in printing features.

iTunes Encoding Strategies

Building a digital music library used to be a simple matter of inserting a CD into your Mac and encoding the songs as MP3 files. Today the process is a little more complicated. iTunes 4.5 not only supports the popular MP3 format but also gives you the option of encoding files in the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format or in a new format called Apple Lossless. So which one should you use?