Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Solving the mystery of blank e-mails in an iOS 4 inbox

Lex Friedman wasn't worried about an issue with black email messages affecting some iOS 4 users, until it affected his mom. Now, he's figured out a potential fix.

Bugs & Fixes: Seven iOS 4 troubleshooting tips

When a new iOS update arrives, expect to run into a few head-scratching problems. Not to worry -- Ted Landau is on the case with seven tips that provide answers to several of the questions you may be asking.

Eight tools to map and share your travels

Don't keep your adventures all to yourself. Share your locations, photos, and stories from the road with these inexpensive Websites and apps.

Set up iOS 4 folders wisely

iOS 4 lets you consolidate your number of iPhone app screens, using app folders. But there are a few hitches. CIO's Tom Kaneshige offers five quick tips for moving your apps into folders.

Bugs & Fixes: MobileMe Gallery roadblocks with iOS devices

Ted Landau ran into several roadblocks when trying upload a collection of photos from his iPad to MobileMe Gallery.

Sync iCal to-do with iPhone

Why yes, it should be a simple matter to sync to-do items between your iPhone and iCal. And it is, with the right software.

Blocking iPhone SMS messages

Yes, AT&T charges for incoming SMS messages when you don't have a text plan. And without jailbreaking your phone, your options for blocking messages are slim.

Three tips for using Apple's Remote app with iTunes

Apple Remote app can help you control iTunes from afar, and in interesting ways.

Move files between your iPad and Mac

Exchanging files with the iPad requires a bit of work. Kirk McElhearn shows how to minimize the hassle, especially when you're copying iWork files.

Bugs & Fixes: iWork files lost in translation from Mac to iPad

The iPad versions of the iWork applications have trouble exchanging documents with the desktop version of Apple's productivity suite. It's not a bug, Ted Landau writes -- it's a limitation of the 1.0 release of these mobile apps.

Dropbox: Beyond the basics

Dropbox, the free file-syncing service, is a great way to make sure that the copies of your to-do list and resume are the same on all your Macs. But that's just the beginning of what Dropbox can do. Dan Miller explains.

Bugs & Fixes: Ringtones won't play in iTunes

A bug in iTunes 9.0.3 affects your ability to play ringtones from iTunes on your Mac. Ted Landau has the details.

Score deals with your mobile phone

You can use your iPhone as a barcode scanner or to find in-store coupons. Ginny Mies of PC World runs down some of the money-saving options available to smartphone-toting shoppers.