Don't-Miss iPad Stories

How to configure iCloud if you share an Apple ID

Many families share Apple IDs for app and music purchases. But if you share that same address for iCloud, you might mix up your data or run out of room. Lex Friedman spells out the easy workaround.

All about iCloud: Common signup scenarios

Apple's iCloud service, paired with iOS 5 and Lion, offers users a whole wealth of new sync features, access to purchased content, and geolocation fun. Unfortunately, as iCloud is the company's fourth online service iteration, trying to upgrade can be confusing at best, slam-your-head-against-a-wall-in-frustration at worst. To help ease the pain (and keep your walls dent-free), we've put together some common upgrading scenarios for migrating to iCloud.

Hands on with Find My iPhone, Mac, and Friends

The launch of iCloud has ushered in a spate of location-aware services that help you track down your iOS devices, your Mac, and even your friends. Dan Frakes takes Find My iPhone, Find My Mac, and Find My Friends out for a spin.

How to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 5

The day of an iOS upgrade can bring great joy... and sometimes, great confusion. Let us help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iOS 5 with this step-by-step guide.

Easier ways to read files on the go

Want to read your own documents on the iPad or iPhone? Convert them to the ePub format and you can view them (complete with formatting and links) in the iBooks app.

Bugs & Fixes: iOS device backup failure solved

Ted Landau deals with an iPad that refuses to sync. A little brute-force action puts things right.

From brainstorm to outline: Why I use OPML

If you want to brainstorm a bunch of ideas, then pull them into some kind of organized shape, and you want to do that from almost anywhere with almost any kind of hardware, you need apps that work with OPML.

How to copy and paste text in iOS

It took two years for the iPhone to get copy and paste support. But the feature's a bit less intuitive than other elements of iOS. Lex Friedman shows you how to put copying, pasting, and text editing to use.

Forget fancy formatting: Why plain text is best

Using editors and syncing services that work with plain-text formatting, David Sparks can write almost anywhere, using almost any device. Here's his plain-text workflow.

How to sync large iTunes libraries with small devices

As you acquire more and more music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, apps, and books, it becomes increasingly difficult -- or, more likely, impossible -- to fit your entire iTunes library on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Kirk McElhearn offers some advice on how to deal with the data-storage disparity.

Bugs & Fixes: (Not so) mysterious iPad mute

Ted Landau solves the mysterious case of the silent iPad.

How to print from an iPad

If you're going to use the iPad as a real work tool, you'll want to print. There are a couple of ways to do it; Joe Kissell has the low-down on their pros and cons.

Connect to a remote Mac from your iPad

While it would undoubtedly be handy to connect from your iPad to a Mac at home or the office, actually doing so isn't always easy. Glenn Fleishman recommends two apps that'll get you connected with the least fuss.