Don't-Miss iPad Stories

Reading on the iPad: magazines

The iPad is a game-changer for the magazine business. Publishers are trying out all sorts of business and editorial models. Jonathan Seff looks at what you can read (and what you'll pay).

An easier way to organize iOS apps

Rearranging apps or creating folders on your iPhone or iPad can be a drag. It's far easier to do so in iTunes on your Mac then sync. Here's a little trick that makes it even easier.

Keep your iPad safe

Security is vital if you're going to use an iPad a business device. Rich Mogull shares how to protect both your tablet and its data.

How to create and organize iOS folders

We first got folders way back with iOS 4. So if you haven't mastered them yet, now is as good a time as any. Lex Friedman walks you through the finer points of creating and organizing folders on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

How a news junkie uses the iPad

The iPad may not be as light as a magazine or newspaper, but it's still pretty portable. And Lex Friedman has found it's a great device for keeping up to date on the latest news. Here's how he uses his iPad to satisfy his news addiction.

iPad power: Connect to a remote Mac

Whether you need to run a Mac app or fetch a file, it can be handy to connect to a remote Mac from your iPad. Here's how.

iPad Power: How to print

If you're going to use the iPad as a real work tool, you'll want to print. There are a couple of ways to do it; Joe Kissell has the low-down on their pros and cons.

How to use your iPad securely

Security is vital if you're going to use an iPad a business device. Rich Mogull has some advice on how to keep the tablet and its data safe.

On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive

Ben Long takes a photography trip to Turkey, leaving his MacBook Air at home in favor of an iPad and a HyperDrive.

Eight tips for travelers

Whether you're hitting the road for business or pleasure, these tips can make traveling with your Apple gear much more fun.

How to edit spreadsheets on an iPad

It's a cinch to view spreadsheets on your iPad, but when you want to create or edit them, things get a bit more complicated. Joe Kissell sums up what you need to know.

How to re-sort photos on your iPhone

If photos aren't showing up in the order you want on your phone, here's a way to force the issue.

Bugs & Fixes: Using iTunes' Restore From Backup command

Restore from Backup is a little-known troubleshooting asset that can prove useful in a variety of situations. Ted Landau tells you why the command should definitely be in your troubleshooting arsenal.