Don't-Miss iPad Stories

How to manage your kids' iOS app purchases

If you're about hand over an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your child, here are some quick steps you should take to make sure they don't inadvertently spend you out of house and home.

How to extract media files from your iPod or iOS device

It's always a good idea to back up your iTunes library. But if disaster does strike, you may not be completely out of luck -- assuming you've synced a good portion of your library to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

How to set up Find My iOS device on your iPhone and iPad

Did you know that you can find a misplaced iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from your computer? All it takes is a little forethought and these setup instructions.

Move your old iPad's data plan to your new iPad 2

Want to move your original iPad's 3G data plan over to your new iPad 2? Here's how.

How to migrate from your old iPad to a new model

Picking up a new iPad 2? Here's a quick refresher on how to safely move the contents of your old tablet to the newer model.

Ten tips for mastering the iPad

Even though it's been out since last April -- and a new model arrives this week -- the iPad still has its share of mysteries. But learn these 10 power tips for Apple's tablet, and you'll soon impress everyone with your iPad savviness.

Automator workflow of the month: From PDF to iBooks

Want an easy way to read your PDFs on your iPhone or iPad? Here's how to use Automator to add PDF files to iBooks from within Preview.

Five iPad safety tips for enterprise users

Don't deploy iPads in the enterprise without considering these security measures.

Listen to FLAC audio files on iOS devices

Neither iTunes nor any Apple hardware natively supports FLAC files, but there are apps that can let you listen to FLAC files on your iOS device: Dan Leehr's FLAC Player, and FastIntelligence's Golden Ear.

The iPad at work: Taking notes

Looking for a better way to take notes? Kirk McElhearn rounds up some of the worthiest note-taking iPad apps.

AirPrint works as far as it goes

The eagerly anticipated AirPrint is not the feature originally promised, the one everyone was hoping would provide seamless, network-based mobile printing. But if you do have a compatible printer, it works as advertised.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting MobileMe Calendar

Apple moved MobileMe Calendar out of beta last week, but after working with the software, Ted Landau thinks that might have been premature. He shares some tips from Apple before detailing his own experience with cloud-based calendaring.

Five fantastic Address Book tips

When you think of Apple’s most intriguing applications, it’s unlikely Address Book springs to mind. But thanks to its close ties to Apple’s Mail and iCal as well as your iOS devices, it’s actually one of the applications you use the most. These tips will help you be more productive.

Network printing demystified

The days when sharing a printer over a network required strange voodoo rituals are largely over, but today's heterogeneous configurations that include Windows, OS X and mobile devices pose a challenge of their own.

How to convert DVDs for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices

You have multiple Apple media players. What are the best video-encoding settings to use? Tune in.