Don't-Miss iPad Stories

All about iTunes movie rentals

Renting movies from the iTunes Store can be pretty simple if you don't want to do anything special, though you'll have to jump through some hoops if you want to move rented movies.

Use timed access to lock out iDevices from Wi-Fi

Worried that your teen or tween is spending all night wired to the iPod touch or iPad? Glenn Fleishman walks you through a way to set timed access in a manner that sticks if you're using an Apple Wi-Fi base station on your network.

Bugs & Fixes: An update on iPad Wi-Fi reception problems

A few weeks back, Ted Landau covered reports of iPad users having problems with poor Wi-Fi reception. He revisits the topic now that Apple has acknowledged the issue.

Move files between your iPad and Mac

Exchanging files with the iPad requires a bit of work. Kirk McElhearn shows how to minimize the hassle, especially when you're copying iWork files.

Managing your 250MB iPad 3G plan

We've already shown you how far 250MB can go. Now, Glenn Fleishman has some tips for wringing every last megabyte out of your monthly iPad plan with AT&T.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iPad 3G activation

While most 3G iPad owners are having no problems activating their 3G service, a few problems have sprung up. Ted Landau gives a rundown of the most common symptoms and their solutions.

iPad 3G: How much does 250MB get you?

Apple surprisingly convinced AT&T to offer a cheaper, smaller data plan on the iPad for people who may not need unlimited surfing. We took an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G out for a spin on this 3G plan to see just how much Web browsing, video watching, and app updating we could wring out of it.

Printing from your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Printing from your iPhone, iPod touch, and now your iPad shouldn't be difficult, but it is. Fortunately, third-party apps are here to help. Jeff Merron walks you through what you can and can't do with some of these App Store offerings.

View iPad-optimized apps in iTunes

iTunes doesn't make it easy to figure out which of your apps are made specifically for the iPad. Here's a workaround until iTunes is updated.

Stream audio and video to an iPad

Although Apple hasn't made a way to stream content from your computer to your iPad, there are several ways to accomplish such a feat.

Show off your photos on the iPad

The iPad's expansive screen is perfect for displaying your pictures using the Photos app or Keynote.

12 iPad tips and tricks

Get the most from your iPad with these 12 tips and tricks for using Apple's newest device comfortably and efficiently.

Create playlists on an iPad

Along with the iPad's larger interface comes the ability to create and edit

Bugs & Fixes: How widespread are iPad Wi-Fi problems?

With reports from some users that Apple's new iPad has a problem with Wi-Fi reception, Ted Landau tries to separate reality from exaggeration.