Don't-Miss iPad Stories

10 tips to keep your mobile devices charged and happy

Your mobile devices contain batteries that are miracles of engineering, holding amounts of energy that their predecessors couldn’t come close to equaling. Properly using this potential can help your mobile batteries last longer on the road. Here are our tips for optimum battery performance.


Keep your mobile device clean

Tired of all the grunge on your screen? Follow these steps to clean your mobile phone or tablet—and keep it that way.


Get started with the iPad and iPad mini

Received an iPad or iPad mini for the holidays? Check out our guide to transferring your information, getting it set up, and some basic starting steps.

Make text more readable on your iPad mini

The iPad mini's screen sometimes plays host to tiny fonts. Here's how to tweak your settings for bigger text in common apps.

Security tips for Mac travelers

Far from home with lots of Apple gear? Learn what you can do to protect your technology from thieves and how to track it down if it goes missing.

How to beat the line at the Apple Store

No one likes waiting in a long checkout line. Here are a few tips and tricks for making your holiday visit to the Apple Store a little more pleasant.

How to maximize battery life when you travel

If you take an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook along when you travel, you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep your device powered up all the time. Here are a few tips for supplementing and extending your gadget's power supply.

Any phone in a storm: Staying connected after Sandy

Senior writer Lex Friedman lives right in Hurricane Sandy's path, and his home was without power for a week. Here's how he managed to keep his iPhones and iPad up and running.

Getting the most out of Game Center

You've probably at least had a passing encounter with Game Center, Apple's gaming-related social network, but there's more to see here. Senior Editor Dan Moren shows you how to get the most out of it.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iOS 6

Ted Landau details some iOS 6 glitches.

Editing Excel files on an iPad

Wish you could edit Excel spreadsheets on your iPad? You can, if you’re willing to accept a few compromises.

Editing Word documents on an iPad

Even though there's no iPad version of Word, you can read and edit Word documents on your iPad if you're willing to accept a few compromises. Joe Kissell shows you how.

Run Office on your iPad

Want to edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad and file compatibility is your top concern? These services let your iPad run the Windows version of Microsoft Office remotely.